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Name:   Celia
Location:   El Paso, Texas, United States
Age:   30
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   sol692002@yahoo.com
Homepage:   http://www.flygma.com/celia/
College:   University of Texas at El Paso
Major:   Psychology
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Hobbies:   I love spending time with my boyfriend Erick...just watching movies or Six Feet Under or going shopping or whatnot. I also spend time on the Internet, I love to read all kinds of books, or write essays on MY topics and I worship the art of drawing. I love to draw faeries or extraordinary people. And when she isn't busy, I like hanging out with my best friend Marianna.
Favorite Movies:   my first mister, dawn of the dead, almost famous, a walk to remember, ghost world, girl fight, how to deal, nightmare on elm street, halloween, american psycho 2, empire records, hackers, white oleander, the girl next door etc etc
Favorite Music:   good charlotte, no doubt, bon jovi (the 80s stuff), blondie, ramones, hoobastank, damone, simple plan, the donnas, guns n roses
Favorite Celebrities:   angelina jolie, mandy moore, kate hudson, michelle rodriguez, thora birch, dominque swain, patrick fugit, christina ricci, do artists and authors count?? Amy Brown, Francesca Lia Block
Favorite Food:   chicken (spicy chicken sandwiches from wendys yum)
Hook Line:   *we just want to live...if anyone would let us~The Virgin Suicides*when you love someone, all your saved up wishes start coming out~elizabeth bowen*
Looking for:   Relationship with a guy
Turn-ons:   Erick ;), the color black, kissing on the neck, nibbling and biting, carressing, confidence, tall, creativity, intelligence, good sense of humor, loyalty, being a little rough ;) being unique laughing giggling, getting reassurance when i dont ask for it, an understanding, THE LOOK, good teasing
Turn-offs:   rude people, people treating me like im stupid, guys who play games (girls too), being prejudice, being yelled at, ppl assuming i dont have an opinion or that i have no sort of intelligence in me, being blamed for things i didnt do, being made fun of in those backhanded sort of ways...which has never happened often..but when it does...grrrrr

 About Me

I can be quite complicated sometimes. I don't really mean to...I'm just so intense sometimes. It even annoys me. Other than that point, I have a wonderful, thoughtful, intelligent, PATIENT boyfriend, Erick. He's just so great. *sigh* and I love to draw so if you're interested in taking a look, the link to it is located on this profile. Take a look around, hope you like what you see. Take Care.


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My Top 5 movies
1. Almost Famous
2. Notebook, The
3. Girl Next Door, The

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Member Since:   March 23, 2002 8:42 PM
Profile Hits:   1,894
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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