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Name:   Erin Donovan
Location:   Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Age:   24
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   IrsihSk8erChic@aol.com
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Hobbies:   sk8in,soccer,cheerleading,swimming,hangin with neightborhood gang,studyin,readin,lookin good (which is a lie cuz im ugly),joggin around ,writin poems,gettin online, playin SIMS ,bein at the beach in the best
Favorite Movies:   Meet The Parents, Blade 2, Stepford Wives, Harry Potter 1-2-3, Holes, Queen of the Damned, Interview With a Vampire, Fast and the Furious and the sequal, Bend it lik Beckham, Bring it On, South Park Bigger longer and Uncut, Jay and Slient Bob Strike Back, Sercret Graden, Excorcit, Halloween, Superman Movie(1972), CKY2K, Spongebob Movies, And any skate videos with good skaterz
Favorite Music:   pretty much anything i listen to pop rock rap anything but country and that heavy metal shit can't stand lables my friends called people by what they listen to at times im a rocker and other times in a poper or a raper-My favorite song now on the radio is 3 Doors down Let Me Go or Destiny's Child Soldier, i kno 45 by Shinedown is old but i really lik that song because my Bf is lik in lov with that CD so i hav to lov it
Favorite Celebrities:   ShineDown,Green Day ,Ciara,Tom Crusie,Cameron Diaz,Lucy Lu,Wesley Snipes,Stuart Townsend,Placebo,Jessica Simpson,Tom Welling,Rodney Mullen, Clay Aiken ,Hanson,Bam Margeria,Jess Margeria,Tony Hawk,Dave Chappell,Jay and Silent Bob,Cartmen,kenney,finger eleven,3 days grace,CKY,Kelly Clarkson,Big Coretta,Markapple Yard,Ann Rice,Sarah Michelle Gellar,
Favorite Food:   chinese,spanish,itlain,ham casroll,
Hook Line:   "come out come out where ever you are -Her blood is lik liquid fire-take a walk down the aisle at the end of the mile giv your life to my charms at the admirals arms-ahh louis i knew i could find you here all i had to do was follow the trail of dead rats"-
Looking for:   Someone to talk to
Friendship with a guy
Relationship with a guy
Turn-ons:   My Bf Kyle (so fine and nice),Vamps,hott dudes with nice build,and nice smiles,good in school,not afaid to kiss in public,down to earth,hugs,holdin hands,smell good,clean,nice hair,its ok if you hav pimples cuz i hav some too,not confusesed with inside jokes,when they wear nice clothes and or match
Turn-offs:   Annoyin,already bitten flesh,not polite,smokes,do drugs,dropouts,insercure,guys who curse to much a little whiles ok but alot is not hott nor cool,get horible grades,not focused,afaied of comitment

 About Me

Ello Ello everybody i desided to tell everyone bout my cute boyfriend!!! well if you ever see him some of you will not think hes hott and some will but i really don't care bout looks!!! in his own way hes cute , when everyone tells me he looks bad i don't care cuz that means i hav no compedition , but i lik him lots and enjoy his company so much,even though he can be very annoyin at times i still can't wait to see him every day!! so kyle if you read this i mean everything i said lov ya lots everyone!!!


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Member Since:   September 29, 2004 6:15 PM
Profile Hits:   751
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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