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Name:   kevin
Location:   Peabody, Massachusetts, United States
Age:   27
Birthday:   June 14
Sex:   Male
E-mail:   k.dawson614@gmail.com
College:   University of Massachusetts
Major:   English
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Hobbies:   making obscene gestures to children in cars.
Favorite Music:   you make my heart sing-- wild thing.
Favorite Food:   pizza. and waffles.
Hook Line:   go ahead and ask me your questions. i've got a lot i can hide.
Turn-ons:   tea and cigarettes outside. long, long conversations. hair. big, bright, beautiful eyes.
Turn-offs:   bad teeth.

 About Me

don't be afraid of losing sleep. your only enemies are the dreams you keep.


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piXXiduST16 says:
Basically this guy is the shizz. He has great taste in music, he's talented in several areas of study, including literature, and he is funny and nice! Basically, coolest SCNer ever. I'd marry him. :"D

orangeorli says:
aside from his uninteresting name, runner614 is the coolest bean around---and quite interesting as well. you dont understand what i mean when i say cool bean. i mean, as cool as the kind that jump. in fact, hes so cool...i wouldnt be surprised if he gave you dhiarrea for a few days..or weeks. no pepto bismol can stop this guys severe wowness. he has awesome taste in music, has amazing views on life/issues and is caring. on top of that, the guy is gorgeous.

RKay says:
Kevin is straightforward no nonsense but still a lot of fun kind of guy. He is in his element interacting with people and quite the conversationalist especially with concerns that affect humanity and the integrity and responsibility of being a global citizen. He is a caring and doting friend. And mind you, has a streak in him that probably tempts him to prank and tease. But that is all in jest. He is after all a staunch stalwart of the right and the just.

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Member Since:   November 10, 2004 7:47 PM
Profile Hits:   3,895
Last Login:   3 days ago

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