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Name:   tre-4
Location:   sin city, North Carolina, United States
Age:   28
Birthday:   March 19
Sex:   Male
High School:   Westover High School
College:   Winston-Salem State University
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Top Movie Genres:   Action, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Thriller
Favorite Music:   Dip5eT....LiL Wayne...YounG Jeezy...Cassidy...Santana...Fab....T.i... ..
Top Music Genres:   Gospel, R&B, Rap/Hip-Hop
Hook Line:   "hur i stand,a grown ass maN,allbymuself, GrownAmaN"
Looking for:   Someone to talk to
Friendship with a girl
Relationship with a girl
Turn-ons:   thick women
Turn-offs:   bad attitude

 About Me

how ckan i start diz shiit off ? Muh name Tre... im 20 i luv bawllin i play fa ACHS rep ..3 yez sir dey got dey STAR BACK*... ck\hillin wif muh niggaz,,da fam,,,,,,im a e-z laid bak type nigga......tryna keepin it G... tryna live diz llyfe da bezt way i can buh sumtymez niggaz hate .. an fa all u niggaz daz holdin shiit down... keep doin ya thang cuz niggaz luv ta hate cuz if dey ain chu dey wonna b u ...1wUn1...

True Soilder (dedicated to my son Jason)
Chorus: i can wipe ma tears now n walk away wit a smile//i lost a child// but jesus got a souljah now// an even dough the pain hurts an da feelin is all real//i aint gon question cha lord i kno its all n godz will// (repeat x2) Verse 1: I got my pen n papa out, but ma tears still fresh//tell me how can i deal wit given life ta death// i sittin here watchin J n my armz n struggle 4 breath, an about 2 n da mornin is bout da time dat u left// oh no, da sound of dream// o wake up baby plz, breathe me an mommie got cha back lil homie you cant leave/ ya doctor said ur undevelped//ur lungz dey cant take it. but i, aint given up i pray ta god dat cha make it//afta birth, i swear i watched ya fight fo yo life// n if possible i woulda gave ya my lyfe twice// ya wuz ya mommies first born now shez sick dat cha gone// she cried n I cried cuz we left wit des hearts torn// memories dur aint many u came n went// but to watch u breathe n move wuz certainly a tru gift// neva looked us in ur eyes neva uttered a sound// but da fact dat u was fightin mad mom n dad proud// (repeat chorus) Verse 2: I talked ta mommie//mommie say jason kickin n playin so we hopin an prayin //but da doctor steady sayin u gon die// he a lie// we aint quitin we gon try// but at 22 weeks my baby couldnt stay alive// a lil longa J// we couldve watched cha play// but now i got ta tell jury da bad newz today// jayden n kece to// man dey was waitin on u// dey lil brutha neva made it into ICU// grandma trish on da fone// i was tryin ta concol// mama an grandad on dey way to da hospital room// wat bout yanni j?// u was such a suprise// ya aunt shoppin tryin make sure her nephew look fly// da pain is so deep but i understand// i thank u jesus i kno it was in ur master plan// i kno u kno lord chu got a soilder// but befo u take em doc one mo time plz let us hold em.. (repeat chorus) Talkin: Dear son, look J i kno u been thru alot within des past 22 weeks, you an your mother both an its sad dat u not here wit us rite now but cha kno we can still smile dough..we kno u in a betta place u knew no wrong u did no wrong i jus want u ta be dat guradian angel an watch over your family well neva forget cha son Love, Mom & Dad

verse 1: I neva thought dat chu would change on me// thoughtd wed always b// niggas put it down till des labels come get us/yea we was always heavy hittas// in da land our names rang thru da towers// yea da best, da title wuz ourz// blood cuzzions dat was hot// we wuz da group dat no1 wanted 2 stop// mayne dey wuz waitin on our album ta drop// so what happened bad management? bad attitudes? ****inezz young mentality put a nigga thru alot stress// i neva left tho, i still stayed wit da hometeam// but chu tryed to play me like dat money realli changed me// it wasnt dat mayn speakin on some real shyt.// i delt wit shyt alotta niggaz couldnt deal wit// look i soupported chu// loved ery check dat chu produced// but chu aint do da same// a whole album an not a track from u// man dats crazy we chuld b tagetha standin but i guess u wuz mo intersted in cannon u still my nigga................. chours: i can believe how much thingz have changed// but my heart still remains da same// even tho u let da game change cha mayne// put dem niggas n da sunshine but left me n da rain// (repeat x2) Verse 2: Bloods n crips didnt matta to da two of us// u wuz still my nigga an i wuz urz an we wuz dangerous// i sat an watched chu make beatz// i saw u bang n da streetz// but i dont understand y u aint fuccin wit me// i look at chu nigga n i love u like a brutha even if no album drops we goin alwayz b blood cuzzions// i extended out my hand for my album ta give ta get wit cha but cha jus blew me off but i still got love nigga// i neva hold dat against but ill always wonda y u thought cannon wuz ur ticket// an u left me out to dry ****// look i dont undastand da deal nigga// tell me wat u feel nigga//betta yet tell me wats da real nigga// aw **** it man ill let cha do wut u plz // juz kno u still got love frum me mayne u still my nigga (repeat chorus x4) Talkin: homemade 6 wuts ahppenin nigga ya kno holla at cha boi man i thought chu woulda been way more soupportive of me in dis solo album dat **** really hurt a nigga dough for real u kno wut im sayin u ma nigga dough u kno da whole blood cuzzin thing wuz suttin real big cha kno bad management an **** but look ****ll work out n **** get at cha boi tho i got tracks from erybody else no tracks from 6 1 wats hannin wit dat tho nigga wouldnt even give me a price on da beats nigga wouldnt even give me price on the beats nigga blew me off niggas tell me u say cannon ur ticket but whateva **** goin blow up fo me one way or anotha dats real tawk rite there holla at me weneva


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1. True Soilder by Tre-4
3. Ride Wit Me by T.I.
4. Sweet misery by rashad
5. Lean wit it Rock wit it by Dem Franchise Boyz

My Top 5 music artists/bands
2. Lil Wayne
3. dipset


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Member Since:   February 3, 2006 10:37 PM
Profile Hits:   1,233
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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dey do da trap boy like dey do da lean back

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