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Name:   David Cantú
Location:   San Antonio, Texas, United States
Age:   27
Birthday:   July 30
Sex:   Male
E-mail:   thetragicstory@yahoo.com
Homepage:   http://www.purevolume.com/apparatus
High School:   Warren High School
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Hobbies:   I play bass a little guitar and mess around on the synth. I love listening to music. Playing with different bands around town. Hanging out with friends. Drinking.
Favorite Movies:   Scarface, Requiem For A Dream, Vanilla Sky, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Favorite Music:   .hopesfall., 7 angels 7 plagues, swisha house, a perfect kiss, alexisonfire, as night falls, at the drive in, beauty to ashes, beloved, panic division, coheed and cambria, people under the stairs, coldplay, colleagues, sigur ros, jedi mind tricks, comeback kid, converge, cursive, desaparecidos, Mike Jones, descendents, first round knock out, embrace today, fairweather, mogwai, pink floyd, glassjaw, head automatica, octopi, letter 12, if hope dies, mae, the mars volta, pedro the lion, millencolin, motion city soundtrack, no hope in texas, rescue, planes mistaken for stars, placebo, the verve, q and not u, IAM robot, saetia, screeching weasel, sparta, stretcharmstrong, the emerging culture, the hypnotix, the rise, the rummies, sinix, with all sincerity, wholesale piracy,
Favorite Food:   mexican food..
Hook Line:   never sight the second fight and i will never fight your second sight tonight wait for a minute let me explain myslef stay for the reason that i can take down these walls at least let me know we can talk i'll admit that this mess is my fault when we can put our heads together in a non-aggressive manner talking backwards listen, sinking stop i forgot to mention the best part talk backwards flip off this dive into shattered words i'm breathing in all of this hurt same page must be same planet first then we can put our heads together in a more productive manner thinking backwards "oh no did you always know?" this feels different long way home must lay low something's changing i don't know where to go i'm sure this already happend now i don't know something's changed where to go see how difficult it is to be yourself dizzy equilibrium faint into faint driving nights i'm dreaming these wrongs into rights lie back let subconscious take flight so we can put our heads together
Turn-ons:   Girls who you can hold "intelligent" conversations with. A girl who listens to good music is a plus. Short hair. sense of humor.
Turn-offs:   Bad style, crappy music, stupid, annoying people. ignorance..

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a rescue mission: the in-priscon decision


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Member Since:   July 31, 2004 8:12 PM
Profile Hits:   135
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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