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Name:   Catt
Location:   Cape Town, South Africa
Age:   23
Birthday:   June 13
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   love-note-euphoria@hotmail.com
Homepage:   http://www.teenopendiary.com/entrylist.asp?authorc...
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Hobbies:   write. photos. speak. paint. read. scream. drama.
Favorite Movies:   Donnie Darko, Mullholland Drive, Fire Walk With Me, Lost Highway, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Natural Born Killers. The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Edward Scissorhands, The Crow
Favorite Music:   Nirvana, Hole, The Mars Volta, Deftones, Nine Inch Nails, John Lennon, From Autumn to Ashes, Brand New, Bright Eyes, The Cure, Bob Dylan, Bauhaus, Cursive, Depeche Mode, Leonard Cohen, Pearl Jam, Katatonia, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, As I lay Dying, Alice in Chains, Alexisonfire, Fear Before The March Of Flames, Me and Him Call It Us, Apocalyptica, Love Is Red, BoysSetFire, Finch, Cursive, Alkaline Trio, The Doppler Effect, KMFDM, wumpscut, Tool, Autumn Burns Red, Air, Apology Accepted, Nodes Of Ranvier, The Melvins, Mudhoney, basically lots of emo, grunge and alternative.
Favorite Food:   chocolate chip cookies.
Hook Line:   & this minute fire fuse drains us of all religion; lips concealed and metal is like your new skin machine
Turn-ons:   guys with make up. honesty. cuts. bruises. open minds. someone with a way with words. sickly paleness.
Turn-offs:   rascism. fake writing. imitation. attention-seekers.

 About Me

a yellow cancer fuse that leads niccotine to the blood. a bad vein that streaks everytime the bad fire hurts. cry all you want, so drunk you forget your name, i would burn alive to keep you warm. dark. obscure. generous. shy in the mind. mute. mute. mute.


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Member Since:   January 27, 2005 6:00 PM
Profile Hits:   155
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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