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Turn-offs:   Homophobes, really loud people, general jerks, stereotypers, the shallow and close-minded
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1300 on February 25, 2006 2.35pm.


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ffcsquall24 says:
Kayttie Is a great person, She knows just what to say when someone asks for advice, SHe is a kind and caring young woman who is most definately mature enough to handle being a Mother! But I mean really go look at her pregnacy pictures... shes beasutiful EVEN while she is pregnant!!! a beautiful and caring person, Kayttie is someone who you should almost have to pay to get to know, that is how great she is ( :

cxerophim says:
Kayttie is our resident mommy-to-be and a great advisor. Whether it's about pregnancy, sex, or life in general, Kayttie has a knack for making the information stick with the reader. She might be young, but don't let that fool you, she's one of the best. Much love! heart

nathan42100 says:
A great friend. She knows a lot about sexuality and pregnancy. If you need advice, she is the one to give it. Just a great person!

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Member Since:   September 19, 2005 1:44 PM
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