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yellow OLA HIG H MU STANGS!!!!!!! im just a person that happens to be bored.... message me if you wanna talk, nothing pervy, please!

Songs that are funny as heck!
~Frosty the dope man~ Frosty the Dope Man was a turned on dude by trade. With a hashish pipe and a bag of grass and two ki's he made the grade. Oh Frosty the Dope Man was a pusher man they say. Well he sold some snow and the kiddies know how it's cut and how its made. There must have been some magic in that old brown joint they found. For when they lit the bugger up they began to dance around. But Frosty the Dope Man was as rich as he could know. And the kiddies say he could wheel and deal way down in Mehico. Look at Frosty plant those weird looking seeds. He'll get you anything that you need. Frosty the Dope Man knew the kids were into grass. So he said smoke up, you'll get really messed up with all this dynamite stash. Well down through the village, where you'll find all the heads. Dealing here and there in Washington Square saying "you wanna by some reds." Well he went down to the streets of town right to the plain clothes cop. But he only sold a little bit when he heard him holler "STOP". But Frosty the Dope Man couldn't stop to socialize. So he waved so long saying it'll be long before you get any special buys. Look at Frosty plant those weird looking seeds. He'll get you anything that you need.


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Lexie_the_Dark_Angel says:
This chic is FUCKING AWESOME!!!!She's always making me laugh,whether it's her jokes about rabbi's and trids or her profile pictures.She is extremely random and i love that about her.Out of no where she'll say shit that has nothing to do with the conversation.lol.She will kick your ass if you fuck with her,and she's always looking out for her friends.she's caring and I love her.Your great Kate!

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Member Since:   October 16, 2008 5:04 PM
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