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Became the proud father of a BEAUTIFUL baby boy 21 February, 2011. Too busy being a dad!


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GreVenSher says:
Myself adding a testimonial for keviking is like Satan adding a testimonial for Jesus Christ. Let us just say that we have had our disagreements in life, but still value his view on life. I have not come to this site often due to my condition of now being an adult and not being able to tolerate the discourse on most of the forums, but I still salute Thomas when I do type in the url. I hope to meet him in real life one day, but have yet to travel to Northern Europe due to my condition of being committed to finishing a doctorate as quickly as possible in North America. One day I will hope to have Lutefisk with the good fellow.

Indianaboi says:
maybe not the best time for me to do this, but Thomas is so awesome. he has helped me more than he knows,and just allowing me to be one of his friends, is more than i could have hoped for. these scandinavian guys are the best,and i'd do anyting for him. he's a tuff guy on the outside, true beauty on the inside.I hope you will always know, how much i value our friendship, i'm truely blessed by it. ok,enough the mushy stuff, thanks my friend, for everything.

NewVamp says:
Amazingly good friend and good at debate. People would be insane not to like him

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Member Since:   October 22, 2004 9:07 AM
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It's been emotional.


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