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Name:   Jennie
Location:   Manchester, , United Kingdom
Age:   26
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   ILuvJohnnyDepp@lycos.co.uk
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Hobbies:   Goin 2 the cinema (watchin Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom movies!), Football/ soccer, sleepin, BOYS, shoppin, boozing at weekends, going out with my friends, music, music gigs
Favorite Movies:   Once upon a time in mexico, Pirates of the caribbean (apart from them freaky skeletons) SAVE THE LAST DANCE!! Not Another Teen movie, Sweetest Thing, Bend It Like Beckam, The Matrix, American pie 1+2, Shallow Hal, Bring it on, Scary movie 2, Road Trip, Terminator 3, Not sure about lord of the rings but i'll add it anyway 2 make my profile look bigger and more interesting!
Favorite Music:   AFI, Avenged sevenfold, The Bronx, The Distillers, Muse, Good Charlotte (Wicked Live), The Clash, Plain White T's, Bikini Kill, The Raincoats, The Ramones, Feeder, Kinesis, Brand New, Rage Against The Machine, Blink 182, The Sex Pistols, Hell Is For Heroes, Rancid, White Stripes, REM, Roy Chubby Brown (hardly a singer, but oh so funny!), Electric Six, Mest (Hehe, Iv Met Jeramiah!!!), Sugarcult, Michael Jackson (He's Innocent!!!), Beyonce, Fabulous, Offspring, Sum 41, Goldfinger, Bruce Springsteen lol, The Darkness, Ja Rule, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pixies, Queens Of The Stone Age, AFI, Less Than Jake, Billy Talent,
Favorite Celebrities:   OMG give me johnny depp any day! Orlando Bloom, Colin Farrell, Peter Kay, Graham Norton, Mark Paul Gosselaar, Joel 'n' Benji, Mario Lopez, Jennifer Lopez, Romeo, Keanu Reeves, Kirsten Dunst, Chris Klein, Josh Hartnett, DAVID BECKHAM!!!, Justin Timberlake, Charlie, Matty and James (from Busted) Johnny Knoxville and Steve-o
Favorite Food:   REESES PIECES, Cookies and cream Haagen Dazs Ice cream, chocolate, McDonalds, KFC, anything thats bad 4 me!
Hook Line:   Im only gorgeous on days that end in 'Y'
Turn-ons:   JOHNNY DEPP, Orlando Bloom, A few fit lads on this site (not sayin who!) (",) Tall-ish, Fit lads who play football, blonde, black or brown hair (im not fussy), Ben Sherman body spray mmm, Lynx bodyspray, fit body, gotta have a 6 pac, townie or skaters (just about any lads really!)


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Member Since:   December 11, 2002 4:55 AM
Profile Hits:   1,874
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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