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Name:   eMiLy
Location:   A Van Down By The River, Illinois, United States
Age:   27
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   heart_break_even@yahoo.com
Homepage:   http://www.fictionpress.com/~livingbreathingunorig...
High School:   Glenbrook South High School
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imthegreenfairy currently has no friends :-(


Hobbies:   exploding, bouncing off walls, disappearing, breathing, eating, flying, dancing, track, basketball, not practicing viola, writing diaries/poetry like there's no tomorrow, friends, boys, putting on loud music while singing and dancing around the room, guitarness
Favorite Movies:   bulworth, matrix, ever after, ferris buhler, dogma, empire records, chocolat, moulin rouge, high fidelity, fight club...oh-so-many more...
Favorite Music:   *bows down to her goddess* ani difranco, missy elliott, the ataris, dashboard confessional, tlc, eminem, aaliyah, dispatch, janet jackson, jay-z, lauryn hill, bitch and animal, alkaline trio, wilco, bob dylan....are you scared yet?? wink
Favorite Celebrities:   homer simpson, daria morgandorpher, the green fairy
Favorite Food:   mexican, thai, italian, french fries(SHIT i mean freedom fries), spicey stuff, anything dessert, anything my dad makes that isn't still alive when you eat it...
Hook Line:   "so i'll walk the plank / i'll jump with a smile / if i'm gonna go down / i'm gonna do it with style / you won't hear me surrender / you won't hear me confess / 'cuz you've left me with nothing / but i've worked with less" -aNi d
Turn-ons:   somebody who sees the pointlessness (but still keeps their purpose in mind), somebody who has a tortured soul (some of the time), someone who will either put out for me (or put me out of my misery), or maybe just put it all to words and make me go, you know, i never heard it put that way... *sings rest of ani's "asking too much"* ...i want somebody who's not afraid of me (or anyone else), in other words i want somebody who is not afraid of _themself_...do you think i'm asking too much? wink
Turn-offs:   EGOS bigger than their...hmm...wink, incessant knucle-cracking, spitters, immaturity, guns, wars, ignorance, right wingers who can't get their heads out of their own asses, and liars liars i _hate_ liars!

 About Me

please don't tag me saying you can't see my picture. did it ever cross your mind that if i wanted a bunch of random people to look at me, i would let them, but i choose not to? for the visually impaired, that over there is me. in a tree. that rhymes. that rhymes, and you know it rhymes. that pic is out of date anyway. i have dreads now. o/ oh, and i don't mean to be dark or clich or anything, but you don't know me. if you've been here as long as i have, or longer, chances are you haven't tried. if you just got here, i doubt you'll ever have the chance. i quote john cussak in high fidelity, "if you really wanted to screw me up, you should have gotten to me _earlier_!" either way, your chances of knowing me are slim to none. do your dharma, get good karma, and maybe i'll see y'all in the next samsara. *peace* -emz <BR>everything you want to know about me: http://expage.com/andsheputsout <BR>everything you don't want to know about me: http://blurty.com/~liquidillusion


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Member Since:   April 12, 2002 7:04 PM
Profile Hits:   1,323
Last Login:   Over a year ago


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Hey everyone! Whats up??? IM me sometime at Imth

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