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Name:   Tony Z.
Location:   Lansing, Illinois, United States
Age:   27
Sex:   Male
E-mail:   TonyZ@hot-shot.com
High School:   Home-schooled
Major:   Film Studies
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Hobbies:   Jam Skating - Talking to my SCN folks Jim, Talon, Preston, and RYAN! If I forgot you... then you must not be important. Just kiddin' :-p Remind me and I'll add you - I like listening to music - I like watching The O.C. (Cause those people are just so purrdy) - I like cockies. Big COCKIES(lol Jim) - I hate chocolate and my hobby is to hate it - I like reading books..sometimes - I like proving people wrong - I like going to the mall and making fun of people when they walk by(good times) - I like flirting with people .. I do it all the time( but only with special people) - I like writing but that's irrelevant ( side ) -Sex. Dirty Sex. Fun Sex. Bouncy Sex. Long Sex. Upside Down Sex. Green Eggs and Ham Sex ... Ok I've gone too far. lol - I like to stop writing when I feel stupid which would be right now ... Bush: Putting the 'Con' back in 'Conservative'. He's not my President! Oh yeah... FUCK THE RED STATES!
Favorite Movies:   The Shining, The Godfather(1, 2, 3), Pulp Fiction, L.I.E, Scarface, On Golden Pond, Garage Days, Mystic River, Dave, Homeward Bound!!, Care Bears First Movie, Carlito's Way, The Goonies, The Lost Boys, Dirty Harry, Lethal Weapon(ALL), Devil's Advocate, Rain Man, Casino, kEN pArK, Time Share, Monster's Ball, Batman, Batman Returns, Gone with the Wind, Cheats, You've got mail, Caddyshack, Sudden Impact, The Passion of the Christ, Striking Distance, The Fifth Element, Forrest Gump, Ocean's 11(The Orginal one with The Rat Pack), Meet the Parents, The Game, Deep Impact, Primary Colors, American President, Fried Green Tomatoes, The Thomas Crown Affair, Black Hawk Down, Identity, Halloween(All except for 3), JFK, From Dusk til' Dawn, Basic, Murder at 1600, Life or Something like it, About Schmit, The Grey Zone, Dark City, Almost Famous, The Van, Reservoir Dogs, The 6th Sense, Donnie Brasco, The Day After Tomorrow, The FIRST A Nightmare on Elm Street (The rest suck except for seven).
Favorite Music:   *|||*I like a whole lot of everything. I keep an openmind when it comes to music. My favorites of all time are Tracy Chapman, Melissa Etheridge, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Ozzy Osbourne, Tupac, Mary J. Blige, Run DMC, Led Zepplin, ZZ Top, DMX ..and there's plenty more but I'd be here all day. *|||*
Favorite Celebrities:   RIP: Johnny Carson - You're still the greatest. There will never be another. Jack Nicholson(Still the Best), George Clooney, John Travolta, Chris Sandrinna(So Hot), Kevin Zegers(Also Hot), Billy Kay(Extremely Hot), James Marsden(32, and STILL SEXY as hell), William Lee Thompson(HoTT), James Spader(Awesome), Nicholas Cage, Bruce Willis, Peirce Brosnan, Dennis Leary, Julia Roberts, Melissa Etheridge, Usher, David Letterman, Conan O' Brien, Billy Bob Thornton, John Ritter, Kirsten Dunst, Steve Martin, James Gandolfini, Michael Imperioli, Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, Michelle Pfiefer, Michael Douglas, Martin Sheen, Randi Rhodes, Al Franken, David Brock, James Carville, James Caan, Vanessa Williams, Barack Obama, And everybody else sucks ... J/K kind of ...
Favorite Food:   Fried Pork Chops. Fried Dill pickles. My dad's steak. My mom's italian(anything). And chinese...
Hook Line:   "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's ke
Turn-ons:   Well, there's one special person in my life right now who is all of my "Turn-ons" and SO much more. Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. He is my everything. Always will be no matter what happens. He's my best friend and my boyfriend... He's sexy, smart, sweet, caring, romantic, fucking hot. He knows he's hot, I really don't have to say it but I need to brag a little. So yeah, he's the only guy I've ever been with who I can talk to for hours and hours and not get sick of. He's amazing. TZ & RS - Everything. (Ryan Matheu is the hottest name in the world.)
Turn-offs:   People who have strange laughs and like to bite their ears (I don't make this stuff up) - People who's turn ons are girls who play video games - Bad hygiene - Especially people who only brush their teeth once a week - Yes, I knew a guy that had that problem. One day I got sick of it so I stuck his face in the toilet ... I figured it was cleaner than his mouth - Okay that's enough, lets move on /|

 About Me

Do NOT tag me and just say "Hey", "Hello" or any form of the word because I will NOT tag you back. I need a little more info than just "Hey".*********** Hiya, my names Tony I'm 18 and I live in Illinois. I hate doing these things cause they're boring but I had to change it cause I changed my picture. Anyways if ya wanna chat just IM me or drop me a line in my Guestbook. Break SK8 '05


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My Top 5 movies
1. Shining, The
2. Reservoir Dogs
3. Being There
4. Clockwork Orange, A
5. Patton

My Top 5 songs
1. Fast Car by Tracy Chapman
2. Gimme One Reason by Tracy Chapman
3. Truth Hurts by Usher
4. Same As Me by Christopher Aries

My Top 5 music artists/bands
1. Tracy Chapman
2. Christopher Aries


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Member Since:   January 23, 2004 9:10 PM
Profile Hits:   7,908
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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