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Name:   Chloe
Location:   Arizona, United States
Age:   27
Birthday:   November 9
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   flyingpurplecows2000@yahoo.com
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Hobbies:   sleeping......sports...writing....
Favorite Movies:   monty python and the holy grail, office space, mystery science theatre 3000, hedwig and the angry inch, thirteen
Favorite Music:   pink floyd, jimi hendrix, sex pistols, the ramones, dmb, phish, radiohead, the beatles, moody blues, gin blossoms, the rising, reel big fish, mighty mighty bosstones, coldplay, u2, rolling stones, the clash, nirvana, violent femms, john mayor, garbage, better than ezra, foo fighters, elvis costello, the flaming lips, travis, fiona apple, cake, moby, van morrison...etc
Favorite Celebrities:   none, they are all flesh eating maggots, that live for the fame, and money
Favorite Food:   french fries
Turn-ons:   people who aren't posers...
Turn-offs:   egotistical people
Buddies:  No buddylist present

 About Me

favorite things: <BR>walking....duct tape...dmb.....pete yorn...kissing.....driving....friends...beaches....swimming....running... <BR>talking...sunsets....sunrises....boca spicy chicken patties....parties.....rain....music...guys...;)...


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Member Since:   November 21, 2003 7:40 PM
Profile Hits:   88
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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