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Name:   Ashley
Location:   Rabun County, Georgia, United States
Age:   25
Birthday:   March 17
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   here_kty_kty@hotmail.com
High School:   Rabun County High School
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Hobbies:   i like to talk on the phone and sit in my room and think, skateboarding, talking on the telephone, singing, partying, instant messaging, hanging out, going to the beach, chatting online, basketball, card games, computers, driving, hanging out online, horseback riding, painting, sleeping, swimming, weight training
Top Movie Genres:   Action, Crime, Fantasy, Horror, Music, Mystery, Romance, Suspense, Thriller
Favorite Music:   nickleback, t-pain, young jeezy, tim mcgraw, green day, mudvayne, papa roach, nirvana, ICP, bob marley, Keith sweat
Top Music Genres:   Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, R&B
Favorite Food:   mac and cheese
Looking for:   Someone to talk to
Friendship with a guy
Relationship with a guy
Turn-ons:   i like a guy that can show a sensetive side every once in a while and a guy that is sweet, funny (but serious at times), romantic and knows what he's doin**
Turn-offs:   i don't like guys/girls who bring shit to me and i don't like backstabbers, bad breath, BO, bad attitude, and i hate shit talkers


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 My Top 5

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My Top 5 movies
1. Grind
2. Dazed and Confused
4. Dangerous Minds
5. Light It Up

My Top 5 songs
1. Soul Survivor by Young Jeezy
2. I'm Sprung by T-Pain
3. Pull My Hair by Ying Yang Twins
4. Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Poison
5. Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd

My Top 5 music artists/bands
1. Green Day
3. Nickelback
4. Poison
5. Guns-and-Roses


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Member Since:   June 17, 2005 10:24 PM
Profile Hits:   739
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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