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Name:   Jan R
Location:   California, United States
Age:   27
Sex:   Male
High School:   California Academy of Math and Science
College:   Long Beach City College
Major:   Engineering Science
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Hobbies:   Singing, Playing Music, Reading, Anime, Staying G33k
Favorite Movies:   Mu-vii? It's been way too long, but I guess I would have to say: The Dead Poets Society, Tuesdays with Morrie, Jackie Chan movies, Jet Li Movies, October Sky, The Titans, Hiyao Miyazaki movies (did I spell that right?), Mel Brooks Films, etc.
Top Movie Genres:   Action, Adventure, Animation, Anime, Comedy, Fantasy, Film-Noir, Foreign, Music, Musical, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Favorite Music:   Anything except country and pretty much all country-related
Top Music Genres:   Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Folk, Hard Rock, Indie Rock, Soundtrack
Favorite Celebrities:   The ones that can act? The ones that don't try to make money out of singing when they know they can't?
Favorite Food:   I'm fat. You pick one. (No peanut butter please)
Hook Line:   What is the most difficult of all things? What seems to you to be the easiest: to see with your eyes what your eyes are looking at." -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Turn-ons:   Intelligence, personality, curiosity, an open mind, looks (I'm a guy... so what? :P )
Turn-offs:   Ignorance, excessive use of violence, intentional use of invective towards others for little or no reason, people who don't like nerds. If you insult me, expect the same in return.

 About Me

I AM A NERD, A GEEK, a living contradiction, ET CETERA. If you know me, you almost always end up being unable to label me. I am ulltra mellow, but am easily excitable and do have eccentric tendencies, such as randomly asking "Where the goat cheese?" in spanish. I used to speak french. I can play the guitar, the bass guitar, and used to play the viola (a larger violin, but you don't put it between your legs). I've been singing since I was 3. For you musically-inclined people, I'm currently at 2.5 Octaves, and if I have time, could probably reach 3 in a few weeks. I can register at contrabass and at my highest in my main voice, on alto (low G). A list of what everyone needs: 1. Freedom 2. Understanding 3. Knowledge 4. Thought 5. Expression From all these do the rest of ourselves stem. Feelings, Personality, Etc. Tell me what love would be worthwhile without any of these in existence? Is life worth anything if you had no choice in anything you say/do/think/etc? A discovery of personality by questions (remember there are always exceptions): 1. Why not? 2. What can materials be in worth other than monetary in the end? 3. Are intangibles truly intangible? 4. Creation and destruction or consistency? Why? Why not? 5. Am I not? 6. Are you?


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Navygirl87 says:
Mein Gott. What to say about Jan to musici-AN. FILEMOT! TOMELIF! He is seriously the most honest person i know. He knows me on a level that no one else knows. He says that the better you know him, the less likely you are to label him as anything. At first i thought that was rediculous, just counter-intitive. But the better i got to know him, the more i realized he was right. Funny thing is, he usually is right. He's trustworthy and i view him as a big brother/best friend. Jan, you are so awesome. Don't stop!

HangingOnByASingleThread says:
Jan is a really nice guy. He listens and helps you the best way he can. He is funny and very..and I do mean VERY intelligent. Jan Rocks. He rocks more then you can ever possibly rock . All you need to know in life is JAN IS THE MAN. <3 <3

Das_Bruce says:
Thoroughly choca-block full of pirate'y goodness!

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Member Since:   March 6, 2005 12:41 AM
Profile Hits:   2,848
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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