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Name:   your nightmare
Location:   halloween, Texas, United States
Age:   31
Birthday:   November 17
Sex:   Male
E-mail:   darkestprinceb@aol.com
Homepage:   http://www.myspace.com/vamprio
College:   Louisiana State University at Shreveport
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Hobbies:   dreaming of the days past, wishing only for them to return!!!
Favorite Movies:   stigmata, harry potter (1, 2, 3), x men (1&2), matrix (1, 3) x files, knights tale, punisher, resident evil, taking lives, 24 (season 1, wimbleton, resident evil 2, girl next door, dracula, blade 3, nightmare before christmas, shaun of the dead, constatine, batman, house of 1000 corpes, devil rejects, wedding crashers, dogma, donnie darkco, 28 days later, phonebooth, van helsing, romeo&juliet,
Favorite Music:   shinedown, type o negative, korn, orgy, smashing pumpkins, zwan, foo fighters, m. manson, smile emtpy soul, avril, my chemical romance, good charlette, greenday, white strips, guns and roses, puddle of mudd, better than ezra, nirvana, velvet revolver, dark new day, crossfade, the american tragady, built for speed, bo bice,
Favorite Celebrities:   me!!!!
Favorite Food:   umm pizza and boobs!!!
Hook Line:   ".if I gave you pretty enough words... could you paint a picture of us that works."
Turn-ons:   why, you dont turn me on!!
Turn-offs:   you!!!!!

 About Me

My name is not important!! Just know that I am the one that got away! Dont read this to know me! I am a writer. I dont write for you to know me but to want me to dream of me at nightto want to hold meto want to laugh with meto want to kiss meto simply wantin the end for me to want YOU!!! <br> <br> Music is my life!! It is the only thing in this horrible fucking world worth living for. All the other shit that happens just makes you enjoy it more and twice as often. Music is the root of all emotion!! There is not a note of music that can not wipe away a tear or make you smile. Music is everything. I always have music going! Right now my favs are Rockett Queen (www.myspace.com/rockettqueen) and Built For Speed (www.myspace.com/builtforspeedmusic). Both of them are great great local bands that are sure to rock your socks off. I hate rap, country, pop; rock turns me on, metal makes me wet! Punk will make me happy forever. I am trying to get in to band promoting. I am not sure where to start!!! If you could help me, then all would be welcomed!! <br> <br>Ladies and Gentlemen ROCKETT QUEEN: <br> Because its just another rock song, Comin from your stereo <br> Its just another pop song, Pourin from your radio <br> Well she walks thru the door with a swing in her step and she could <br> knock your ass out with a toss of her hips <br> And I was to dumb to realize I was in trouble <br> With a fire in her heart and the devil in the eyes, like a Stephen King <br> movie where everyone dies <br> Heres a middle finger you can stick it up your ass <br> She was in high school cheerleader, make it with a gym teacher <br> headed out of town, when you found out she didnt need ya <br> Then ya came back and it wasnt quite right, cuz the guy you <br> though was kickin was a queen last night <br> <br> I am THE strangest person you will ever meet!! By day I have an semi normal job (does killing kids count as a job), by night I am a kilt wearing mohawk having nonstop drinking fool that does what ever he can to fucking make you laugh! Why you ask?? Cause I am simply here for all of your fucking entertainment!!! But if you catch me walking, and I dont say anything to your ass, dont take it personal. I am in one of my moods! I have these moods where I dont give a fuck about anybody else or thing!!! Just leave me alone for a while, email me, text me, call me later and leave me a message, and I will sooner or later get back to you!! I am a very busy person, I have things to see and people to do, go fuck off if I piss you off when I dont get back to you real quick. If you wanna talk to me, then you are going to have to work on my fucking time!!! Yeah if you havent caught on I am in one of my fucking moods right now!! Stupid people are my biggest pet peeve!! Dont piss me off by doing something really stupid, cause making people feel like shit HELPS ME SLEEP AT NIGHT!!! <br> <br> When it comes to relationships I have heard everything from no to I would never in my life!! I am always the friend never the fucking boyfriend!! I know that I am one fucked up person, it makes feel good to know this. But for this very reason I will more or less be the best you ever know!!! I guess most of my fucked up relationships comes from my picky ness in women. My list of hotness is odd, yes I know this, bite me!! The stuff I look for in a girl is very very specific. It has to be 60 40. I hate having to go all the fucking way and getting nothing in fucking return!! The following list is things I consider to be the hottest things when looking for a women: In other words they are my fancy <br><br> 1. she says "no one likes you anyway"...you say "you do"...she says "yeah" <br><br> 2.she wakes up early on sunday so she can take a nap later <br><br> 3.green eyes_cant say no to green eyes <br><br> 4.must hate waffles <br><br> 5.picky <br><br>6.cant decide what tattoo she wants no matter how many times she says "that is so what i want" <br><br>7.gotta love converse <br><br>8.cant drive <br> (this sorta narrows it down to one person and yeah i lover her mucho)<br> But if in the end you tell me no, at least have the balls to tell me why the fuck you said no!! I at least deserve that!!! <br> <br> (built for speed lyrics where suppose to go here, but I cant find them right now, so I will post them when I have a chance to find them) <br> <br> I am trying to start a t-shirt company!!! You tell me what you want it to say, and I make it say that, easy as that fuckers. Right now in the process of finding a press for really cheap, I mean really cheap!! I have a few that I want to make and sell also, here are a few: <br> -freaky virgin <br> -Get off your cross we need the wood <br> -Porn star (but the star is the star of david) <br> -christian porn star <br> -I do porn for jesus (with jesus sitting in a chair and a porn star on a poll in front of him <br>- Thats another $20 <br> -If friends were guns, I would shot you <br> -I have stroke <br> -Mace turns me on <br> -Its not gum, I dont chew it <br> -and children that is why we dont run with chainsaws (hostel) <br> -dont Shhhh jesus <br> <br> <br> You tell me that I sin <br> You say Im bound for hell <br> So once your judgment condemns you <br> I shall see you there!!! <br> <br> I dont do religion!! I have been through enough for this thing we call god, we just freaking believe what some guy wrote a really long time ago and accept it. Yes I know this is called faith. But remember, to not believe in something, you have to first believe in it!!! If god made us in his own image, doesnt that make us all GODS!!!??? <br> <br> Just a few things I think about when I am watching porn <br><br> -If all sins are equal then why do we have the se7en deadly sins. <br><br> -If you are born blind, if and what do you dream?? <br> <br> When you know you have won an argument -god I cant argue with you, this means they dont know what the hell they are talking about and cant support what they are saying. Stick to your guns and you will always win. -the other person just walks away, stand your ground even if you think you are losing, and in the end the other person figures you know what you are talking about and leaves, score one for you!!! -they keep changing their the subject and points, know what you are arugeing about!! I have never lost an argument, why cause I dont argue about shit I dont know about and I tend to know tons about the shit I am arguing about. Dont fuck with me fuckers, making you cry makes me sleep at night!!!


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 My Top 5

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My Top 5 movies
1. Nightmare Before Christmas, The
2. Crow, The
3. 28 Days Later
4. Blade Trinity
5. Donnie Darko

My Top 5 songs
1. 45 by Shinedown
2. Bullet with Butterfly Wings by Smashing Pumpkins, The
3. Fly From The Inside by Shinedown
4. Blue Monday by Orgy
5. Fiction by Orgy

My Top 5 music artists/bands
1. Shinedown
2. Smashing Pumpkins, The
3. Orgy
4. Type O Negative
5. Tantric


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Member Since:   February 17, 2003 12:42 PM
Profile Hits:   1,196
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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