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Name:   kirsten oge
Location:   st.louis, Missouri, United States
Age:   26
Birthday:   September 12
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   th3_sw33test_serenade@yahoo.com
Homepage:   http://www.myspace.com/kirsten0
High School:   Normandy Senior High School
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Hobbies:   Listening to music, Dancing in the rain, Writing poetry and short stories, making new friends, playing volleyball, soccer and tennis, watching tv and just being me lol, hanging out online, photography
Favorite Movies:   Happy Feet, Saving Private Ryan, Mom At Sixteen, 16 Candles, The Breakfast Club, The Little Rascals, Love And Basketball, Babyboy, Free Willy; all 3, Titanic, Finding Nemo, Shark Tales, The Phantom Of The Opera, White Chicks, The Transporter 1 & 2, Rebound, Kicking & Screaming, Cry-Wolf, The Shawkshank Redemption, 40 Year Old Virgin, The Exorcism Of Emily Rose, Save The Last Dance, Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind, Save The Last Dance 2 You Got Served, 50 First Dates, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, The Village, The Fog, Saw, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Walk To Remember, Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants, Mr and Mrs Smith, Unleashed, Freddy Vs. Jason, Cabin Fever, Fever Pitch, Walk The Line, Aeon Flux, Hoodwinked, The Corpse Bride, The Girl Next Door, The Grudge, The Longest Yard, Shrek; 1 & 2, Forest Gump, 10 Things I Hate About You, American History X, Lord Of The Flies, Boys Don't Cry, Chasing Secrets, Intimate Stranger, Emma's Wish, For The Love Of A Child, The Shining, Dreamcatcher, Crank, Ultra Violet, Thirteen, The Devil's Rejects, Cry-Wolf, Constantine, Baby Boy, Jeepers Creepers, The Benchwarmers, National Treasure, Underworld, X-Men, The Virgin Suicides, The Butterfly Effect, Skyhigh, The Little Mermaid, The Fox And The Hound, Free Willy 1, 2 & 3, Bambi, Parent Trap, Miracle On 34th Street, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, Napoleon Dynamite, My Girl, Forrest Gump, Major Payne, Jack, Where The Heart Is.
Top Movie Genres:   Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Sci-Fi, Suspense, Thriller, War
Favorite Music:   Avril Lavigne, 50 Cent, Olivia, Alien Ant Farm, The All-american Rejects, Aly and Aj, Ashlee Simpson, The Ataris, Augustana, Beyonce, Bayside, Blue October, Bob Marley, Bow wow, Boys Like Girls, Brad Paisley, Brandy, Monica, Breaking Benjamin, Bubba Sparxx, Bullet For My Valentine, The Calling, Carrie Underwood, Chamillinare, Cherish, Chris Brown, Chris Daughtry, Christina Aguilera, Ciara, Ludacris, Collie Buddz, Corey Taylor, Creed, Crossfade, Daddy Yankee, Damian Marley, Danity Kane, David Ford, Death Cab For Cutie, Destiny's Child, DHT, Dierks Bentley, Diffuser, Dj Cammy, Dj Sammy, Don Omar, Drowning Pool, Emerson Drive, Eminem, Evanescence, Faith Hill, Fall Out BOy, Fantasia, Fefe Dobson, Fergie, Flyleaf, The Format, Fort Minor, Frankee, The Fray, Gary Allan, Ginuwine, Gnarls Barkley, Godsmack, Good Charlotte, Guns and Roses, Hawthorne Heights, Hellogoodbye, Hinder, Hollywood Undead, ICP, Incubus, Jack Johnson, James Blunt, Jamie Foxx, Jason Aldean Jennifer Lopez, Jesse McCartney, Jessica Simpson, Joe Nicholes, John Mayer, Jojo, Bon Jovi, Justin Timberlake, KC and Jojo, Keisha Coles, Kelly Clarkson, The Killers, Kingston Trio, Lamb Of God, Latoya tuckett, Lauryn Hill, Leann Rhymes, Lillix, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Little Big Town, Lumidee, Lyfe Jennings, Mad At Gravity, Mandy Moore, Maria Mena, Mariah Carey, Marques Houston, Martina McBride, Michael Jackson, Michelle Branch, My Chemical ROmance, Ne-yo, Nelly Furtado, Nick Lachey, Nickleback, Omarion, Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, Paul Wall, Paula Deanada, Phil Collins, Pink, The Pink Spiders, Prince, Rascal FLatts, Ray J, Reba, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Rihanna, Rise Against, The Rocket Summer, Rodney Atkins, Sabrina Paris, Saving Jane, Selena, Shaggy, Shakira, Shiny Toy Guns, Simple Plan, Slipknot, Staind, The Starting Line, Stone Sour, Story Of The year, T-Pain, TaTu, Taylor Swift, Three Days Grace, Tim McGraw, TLC, Toby Keith, Tool, Trapt, Trey Songz, Twista, Tyrese, Usher, Weezer, Wheatus, Whitesnake, Yellow Card.
Top Music Genres:   Alternative Rock, Pop/Rock, R&B, Rap/Hip-Hop
Hook Line:   I Am Everything you want and everything you cant have...
Looking for:   Someone to talk to
Friendship with a guy
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 About Me

Kirsten;; I'm 18. I'm short && a little chubby xD I have 2 tattoos and want more <3 I love piercings, although at the moment I only have my ears and bellybutton. I love dancing in the rain and playing in the mud =] I'm have a tough time expressing myself but ask me too, and it's quiet possible that I might just pour my heart out to you. I'm a high school drop-out, you can call me dumb or whatever you want but I have my reasons for it. I hate stereotypes and everything that comes with them. You will pretty much NEVER catch me without my camera, ipod and cellphone. I'm not stuck-up nor am I the least bit conceited, as a matter of fact my confidence is really low. I've been told I have a few unattractive qualities, my main one would be my burping, haha, i do it too much, in front of people. xD I am a bit of a tomboy. I love soccer and volleyball =] I love to laugh, even though I hate my laugh, I never really make any sense and I confuse myself 90% of the timme but I'm just me && i'm not changing for anyone, Wanna know anything else, just ask <3


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darkwingz says:
this gurl is one of da koolest ppl you'llever meet :). she is very beautiful and is truly a great friend =^_^=

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Member Since:   May 1, 2006 5:10 PM
Profile Hits:   997
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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