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Name:   idk...
Location:   California, United States
Age:   26
Birthday:   August 22
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   volcomstoneis1@msn.com
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Hobbies:   friends, beach, mall, school(not really...but i do it often), music, internet, shopping, concerts, updating my journal, daydreaming, photography, song writing, singing, dancing, chatting, having fun, etc...
Favorite Movies:   comedy, horror, suspense, action, etc...
Favorite Music:   senses fail, yellowcard, the used, mest, avoid one thing, jackson, rufio, allister, hoobastank, simple plan, good charlotte, blink 182, new found glory, thursday, three days grace, useless i.d, story of the year, boxcar racer, h2o, taking back sunday, rooney, green day, the offspring, afi, less than jake, motion city soundtrack, s.t.u.n., unwritten law, tsunami bomb, mad caddies, sum 41, sugarcult, evanesence, linkin park, nirvana, bowling for soup, the ataris, the starting line, the vines, the hives, wakefield, thrice, finch, lagwagon, gob, mxpx, riddlin' kids, something corporate, dropkick murphys, saves the day, etc...
Hook Line:   with every passing moment, it just keeps getting worse. the walls are getting smaller and i am 6 feet beneath the earth and i will be, oh i will be just lost....
Turn-ons:   well....someone, but things arent the way they used to be and i think i fucked things up because i kept bothering that person...and now i dont think i can ever have that chance of being more than friends with that person and i just want that person to know that i still like youuuuu....a lot, and im sorry if i annoy the crap out of you but its because i dont wanna lose you and im scared shitless that that will happen one day and i want you to know that im always here for you...and i still like you....and im still up for the two of us becoming something more than friends(im pretty sure youre not up for that anymore) and i still like you(although ive cried over you lord knows how many times...and it hurts, badly...im not kidding either, but im stupid and i cant stop thinking about you) and yeah....that person is my turn on....and oh yeah, i still like you and i miss you a hella lot and i hope youre still up for us hanging out one day...im sorry for all the crap i bother you with..one more thing, ive never taken this much time to get over someone. if you thought me getting over *you know who* took me a long time...well guess again babe, now i cant get over you. and i think its hurting so much because i like you so much and because it came as a complete shock that you found someone else and now the thought of *us* is just...gone, which im really really bummed about, but as long as we're friends...thats ok, because you never know what the future will bring, i guess at least, thats what I like to think...*blushes*
Turn-offs:   the person who hurt(s) the above person
Buddies:  No buddylist present


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Member Since:   February 6, 2004 11:57 PM
Profile Hits:   51
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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