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Name:   racer horvath
Location:   brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Age:   24
Birthday:   July 14
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   rhaisahorvath@hotmail.com
Homepage:   http://i dnt hav 1
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Hobbies:   i love to skate, dance, sing, ride bikes and motor bikes, drive racing cars, watch tv, smoke, drink, hang out with all of my friends, go shopping, spend my mums money and i love to go out alot
Favorite Movies:   i love action, comedy, horro so i can cuddle up to ma baby. and i like to watch nethin that is worth to watch.
Favorite Music:   i love to listen to avril, d12, usher, chingy, nelly, haevy metal, rock, punk, r'n'b, hip hop, and i just sooo love to listen to ma fav three ppl-blink 182, , , , good charllotte, , , , avril lavinge. they are the maddest
Favorite Celebrities:   i have to many fav celebrities to name.
Favorite Food:   i like to eat healthy coz im a track'n'felid person, so but yer wen i dnt eat healthy i like to eat pizza, hot chips, u no all that junk food shit.
Hook Line:   dont be ashamed of who u r
Turn-ons:   GUYS: i love a guy that can treat me rite and respect me for me and love me for me, he must b interestd in the same things that i love doin and he cant b lazy GURLZ: i love a chic that no's how to stnd up fior herslf and not b ashamed to do things in public, she has gotta be interested in tha same things like me eg. gym basketball and an early jog in the mornin............................but rite now the only gurls that has these same interests as me is ma baby gurl cristal. she is reali hot and sexi!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Turn-offs:   ppl that dont reali no how to be them selves around me and ma fends, i cant stand try hards, wanna b's, liars, hatrs, and ppl that steal for no reason.

 About Me

i have blonde hair, elecrtic blue eyes, a nice lite brown tan, i love to go to the gym and work out for bout 2 hours a day and im a cat person. but if u upset me or piss me off watch out k? i hav a sista(unfortunatly) and i live at home wit my mum, i plan to move out as soon as possible wit a few gud frends of mine and then wen i fin my lfy with watever im doin then i wanna get a full time job and get a mini sprots or a motobike, and move to americe either to miami or to sandiago. iv been sayin that iv wntd to do this since i was five years old....


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Member Since:   September 7, 2004 10:21 PM
Profile Hits:   274
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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