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Name:   Dasha Collins
Location:   South Africa
Age:   22
Birthday:   March 18
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   crazychick_dc@yahoo.com
High School:   General Arnold High School
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Hobbies:   all sports, writing (poetry), reading, sleeping, and hangin out wit ppl. having a f-ing good time.
Favorite Movies:   anything with comedy or horror.
Top Movie Genres:   Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Suspense, Thriller, War
Favorite Music:   T.I. Trick Daddy Jay-z Lil Wayne Lil Flip Yung Berg Mannie Fresh Kanye West Lupe Fiasco Casha Maino Lloyd Trey Songz Twista Dude 'N Em Tupac B.I.G Nate Dogg Pharrell Usher Guerilla Black Ludacris Akon The Game Rock City Jazmine Sullivan Three 6 Mafia Young Jeezy David Banner DJ Khaled Rick Ross Nelly Plies OutKast Big Boi Mary J Blige Ace Hood Fonzworth Bentley Birdman Hot Stylz .... many More. Lyrics im livin by: "Stand Up" T.I. (feat. Lil Jon, Lil' Wayne, Trick Daddy)
Top Music Genres:   Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, House, Indie Rock, Metal, Pop/Rock, R&B, Rap/Hip-Hop, Soundtrack
Favorite Celebrities:   ME
Favorite Food:   MEXICAN ALL THE WAY!!!!!
Hook Line:   u'll love me. Im very lovable . ;)
Looking for:   Someone to talk to
Turn-ons:   humour, randomness, and good looks good taste in music.
Turn-offs:   sumone who starts off a convo with "hey sexy"

 About Me

Hi ;) I'm Dasha I reside in Wiesbaden, Germany c/o 10. YEA WATS GOOD The color purple is maqnificent. I love cheesecake. I have acouple of piercings[3] my computer is my bible. My camera sticks to me closer then my shadow does. Even my shadow complains about it. Eyeliner. & im C O M P L E T E! earrings & i feel secure I love mcdonalds! Yumm yumm. preferably a bag of small fries. candy is better than chocolate I carry my i.d. everywhere with me. MONEY is my motivation Orange juice I love it. Kisses & Huqs all day PLEASE. My socks are almost never a pair. I close all my doors when I qo to sleep at niqht. I sleep on the right side of the bed. I don't know why! lol When I smile I brighten everyones day. Sometimes I listen to white people music. No? ok. Heels make me feel more GROWN I wear qlasses. I can dance. :] I�m always qiqqlinq. & If�.you�re funny; I�ll acutally lauqh. I like to shop & shop. T H U M B S U P ! i inform my SECRETS 2 Amani Green, Jamielyn, and ma monkey :P lil wayne is the best rapper I�ve committed many crimes. O U C H I like nutella but hate chocolate I have to take a shower with music on. Rutendo Wazara is my best friend. I also adore lish and Kathy lee I smoke to get high WINTER IS THE BEST! Ive gotten arrested before.[dang] I rather steal than buy! I like popcorn & suqar. My mom says the phone is qlued to my ear. I�m the most understandable person you�ll ever meet. I have a lot of friends. If you love me. I�ll love YOU! My unpredictable fukin lyf day by day:P "Romeos family was the crips and juliets family wuz da bloodz"-T.I im dope dope ddddope dopster. ur sooo STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I luv u michael! "Whats the toilet paper for?" -Dasha to Kenna "Flashy lights the aliens are coming!" -----------------------------Dasha "I am going to find the photograph taker lol" -Kenna to Dasha ""watch it looks lyk flappers... i mean flippers" Dasha to Kenna "Did u hear that crack? Pretty sexy crack!" "You made me look lyk a fat cow!" "ass's and elbows .. come on people lets go!" Dasha- "tendo think u shuld put that bra on ur face since ur cheeks are bigger than ur boobs" Tendo- "Dasha urs such a Darangatang." Abel- "NO athony!!! NO.. KANYE WEST IS NOT SEX!!! SEX IS SEX. A KANYE WEST BACKGROUND IS NOT SEX!!!" Lolo-"ur a 10 on a scale of gayness" Tendo-"ur a 20" Lolo"its only outa 10!" Tendo-"Thats the point!!!! haha" "yall need to get hard lyk me!!!! lyk a rottweiler." -Kerk. "its ma magic stick!!!" -Kerk "She lick me up and wipe me down." D.A. "only people who eat can do dat with their tongues." Kendy "Whut are you talking about ma body's lyk hercules." Kayson. "hey ur lyk paris hilton"-random guy outside Mia's Market "oh yeah dats hot!!!!!!"-Kayson "Ur lyk Nicole Richie! Can i hav ur autograph??" -random dude "oh suuuuree (in a gurls voice)"-kayson "Ur gay" -random guy. "kelsey take off dat hood u aint in da hood! does this look lyk Compton to you???"- Joseph. "i wanna have a DA in front of mi name!!! DaJoseph!!!!"-joseph. "dennis quit givin away cigs to underage kids??? wuts wrong with u?? this is the second tym!.......yo u wnt a cig??"-dennis's frend. "Wats ur nationality?"-dasha "Nigga strait up!"-Mario "Wuts my funni quote? im always funnii!"-edd "Dasha he's NAKED"-ABBI TALKIN BOUT CHAD MICHEAL MURRAY. "tell her im not a lightweight.. im a heavy weight"-adam "yeah u are heavy weight but not in dat sense, ur slurring ur words and leaning on me " "eh im a heavy weight"-Adam "this is lyk a park where you'll get raped"-abbi damn, a white girl wit a booty who balls and can dance.. dats a dream come true haha-herb

omg, kenna we've gone through so much these past 2 years. But this year it's all going to turn around. Im gonna remember all the good times forever. All the laughing *snort snort*, falling off chairs, liking sexy Lorenzo (half Italian half Dutch wats not to lyk???) omg blue eyes and brown hair.... You have an awesome personality, never caring or giveing a **** about wat ppl think of u. I'll always be here for you..

Wow, i've only known you for three months, but everytime i talk to you, you manage to brighten my day not matter what. I love ur randomness and i hope u never change, i will always be here for you.

Wow, these three months have been amazing, you can always make me laugh. Your a true down to earth guy and i appreciate it. Thank you for not being that horny guy. Luv you for it. Never change.


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Josh1475 says:
Since in freaking awesome...and your freaking awesome...that makes us freaking awesome. Alexandria's pretty kik ass soo..yeah. We pretty much talk whenever ur on and thats cool. So...keep bein the cool friend u are and im always on if u wanna talk.

lebrung says:
300 words? How do i say how awesome Dasha is in 300 or less words!? Shes pretty awesome. She likes pretty much all the music i like. She has like the coolest socks in the world, and she doesnt have any white socks! aaaaahahaha get it? White socks? ah not funny...um...anyways! You should like add Dasha as a friend on here because shes pretty awesome. She always gets online when its REALLY late here...like...1:45 am here. Shes always just getting up when she gets online. Its cool. Youll never get bored talking to her. I think im done now. Yeah, i am. Dasha youre awesome! :P

 My Top 5

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My Top 5 movies
1. Million Dollar Baby
2. Daria: Is It College Yet
3. Day After Tomorrow
4. Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star
5. My Cousin Vinny

My Top 5 songs
1. Last Resort by Papa Roach
2. Emergency by Paramore
3. Misery Business by Paramore
4. Scotty Doesn't Know by Lustra
5. Be yourself by Audioslave

My Top 5 music artists/bands
1. Panic! At The Disco
2. Paramore
3. Billy Talent
4. Fall Out Boy
5. Yellowcard


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Member Since:   June 19, 2007 1:01 PM
Profile Hits:   2,938
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