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Name:   Holly Taylor
Location:   Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Age:   29
Birthday:   May 6
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   Writers_Blok7@hotmail.com
Homepage:   http://www.myspace.com/Writers_Blok7
High School:   Desert Pines High School
College:   University of Nevada at Las Vegas
Major:   Other
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Hobbies:   reading, dancing, writing, music, singing and painting, candle making, massaging.
Favorite Movies:   Butterfly Effect, Cry Baby, You got Served(just the dancing), Center Stage, Dance With Me, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, The Astronaut's Wife, 8 Mile, Ocean's Eleven, The Italian Job,
Favorite Music:   Linkin Park, Eminem, 112, India Arie, Craig David, Boyz II Men, Amanda Perez, Janet Jackson, Staind, Papa Roach, Pink, Brian Mcknight
Favorite Celebrities:   Lindsay Lohan, Charlize Theron, Vin Diesel, Collin Farrel, Johnny Depp, Eminem, George Clooney, Kamar De Los Reyes, Edward Norton
Favorite Food:   italian food, soul food, german food, and spanish food
Hook Line:   I rather die, before I cry, and all the rest is BS. If anyone's life can top how drastically unfair my life is then, tag me.
Looking for:   Someone to talk to
Friendship with a guy
Relationship with a guy
Friendship with a girl
Turn-ons:   Mini Cooper S, intelligence, sense of humor, generosity, and kind-hearted
Turn-offs:   back-stabbers, hypocrits, dirty looks, and extreme vulgarity

 About Me

This may sound wierd coming from a partially black female, but I have never dated a black guy. I prefer personality over looks. I think real love is the hardest thing to achieve and one it is concieved, it shouldnt be taken for granted. You are going to walk through a lot of hoops screaming with 'i love yous', doesnt mean it is love. Its hard to know when it is true. No matter what your head says.


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Member Since:   April 9, 2000 3:00 PM
Profile Hits:   568
Last Login:   Over a year ago


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