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Name:   Stormy Spurlock
Location:   Arkansas, United States
Age:   23
Birthday:   July 30
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   stormy_spurlock2000@yahoo.com
High School:   Fayetteville High School
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Hobbies:   hangin w my boiz......
Favorite Movies:   John Q
Top Movie Genres:   Drama, Horror, Music, Romance
Favorite Music:   r&b
Top Music Genres:   Dance, R&B, Rap/Hip-Hop
Favorite Food:   mexican
Hook Line:   juz wan have fun
Looking for:   Someone to talk to
Turn-ons:   **ASK**
Turn-offs:   ~**ASK ME**~

 About Me

Whts up w yall ppl? I love 2 kick it at my Homies place im reall w ppl and hope ppl are reall w me.... I like to go clubin and 2 partys and juz kick it w my boyz....I like to have fun i am a lil freaky lol i do love to have a good time.... I want someone woh will treat me right...I Have a soon Jay and he is my world......i could be pissed off bout to kill someone feeling and i look at him and its like everything goes aways...nothing wrong...... And if my son dont like you then i cant get w ya lol.......thats the way it is....I dnt have a lot of friends juz cuz i dnt really trust ne-one....everyone is either fake or talk to much shyt 4 me 2 kick it w..... naw i got a couple ppl I trust but nt many....i dnt talk to my ma or dad ne-more just cause they dnt try to tlk to me so im nt goin to try....... im stayin w my x tell i get my own place and get around again...

**Relationship Status**
I am looking 4 sumone who will do me no wrong and i can trust.... someone who wants to be w me and juz me....... someone who can tell me nething and jus sumone to talk to

Things I hate..
i hate ppl who can't keep it 100% real w me......Ill be realy w ya if I don't like you then I will tell you and wont feel bad

JuZ aSk


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dancergirl92 says:
She is awsome! I only started talking to her today but I love talking to her!

Stormyhubby422 says:
~**baby dis r song ait**~ [The Dream] Radio Killa did a song with the American Dream They can't put it down like this, no no no no On my baby, she my shawty Oh, we rockin They gotta trip all up on their breath They hate on us Now who’s right there every time you cry? Go to sleep and wake up on your side? Endless love I'll always provide They hatin on us and you should no why But who’s been lovin you lately? Who’s willing to go half on the baby? Who who who’s trying to flag our ship? They just tryin to get the love you give But baby, [Chorus] Tell me what they know about my love (my love) [x8] [Mariah Carey] So they don’t understand why I'll never leave you Explain my love? I don’t need to Got everybody way up in our business Cuz leavin each other stay on their wish list I see them reachin everytime you call me baby They on my back like a shirt, get off me baby They don’t love me, let them wonder why Here to stay and they going bye bye Who’s the one calling you baby Who’s in love with your ass like crazy? Who who who’s gonna flag our ship? They just tryna get the love u give baby Tell me what they know about my love (my love)[x8] My love is your love There ain’t nothing in this world that they can do to make me give you up Oh baby you will always be my girl so let them do whatever, say whatever Cuz I ain't givin her up

Stormyhubby422 says:
When memories cry When memories fade and die I'm going to grow old My passion My fiery passion My flaming lust is going to grow cold But my heart will always flow with a molten, love lava In your name this lava flows through my veins My heart beats for you My heart will never cease to beat your name When I lose my charm and my glamour When I lose my physique and my game When I'm old and wrinkly When I cannot look myself in the mirror I'll still stare at you When memories fade When I forget the days of the week And the months of the year When I mix names And faces The memory of you Will always shine bright and clear Your image Has been burnt to my memory I will never forget your radiance and beauty I will die happy With the image of your sweet smile On my mind And love On my lips and in my heart I STILL LOVE YOU AITE

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My Top 5 movies
1. Baby Boy

My Top 5 songs
1. M+M's by Blink 182

My Top 5 music artists/bands
1. Akon


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Member Since:   March 29, 2007 1:08 PM
Profile Hits:   13,457
Last Login:   Over a year ago


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