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Name:   Samantha
Location:   Ontario, Canada
Age:   26
Birthday:   January 10
Sex:   Female
Homepage:   http:// :-! ask and u'll get it :)L
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Hobbies:   exclamation -parites-..-drinkin-...-drving-(not at the same time tho side )- and --tuns-- of other stuff too! just -ask me- = )
Favorite Movies:   exclamation <<Sccccaaaarrryryyyy =)>>..::.The Note Book..::..Titanic..::..Secret Window..::..Pirates of the caribbean..::.Crazy Beautiful..::..Mona Lisa Smile..::..Fahrenheit 9/11..::..Ladder49..::..ButterflyEffect
Favorite Music:   exclamation {..[[Rock & Roll]]..[[The Oldies]] All The Way!!...And There Are [[Some Good Rap]] Songs}..-..BILLY TANLENT ..-..The Beatles..-..Queen..-..Aerosmith..-..TheEagles..-..Guns&Roses..-..AlicaKeys..-..JanisJoplin..-..GwenStefani..-..
Favorite Celebrities:   exclamation johnny depp..Mmmmmm sexy *Drool* -Paul Walker- -Vin Diesel- -BenjaminMckenzie- -Adam Brody - -Sandra Bullock- -Angelina Jolie-
Favorite Food:   exclamation Mushrooms..teehee **Yummmy side **
Hook Line:   LOL *-AWoman Once Said A Man Was Like A Deck Of Playing Cards..You Need..: A Heart To Love Him..A Diamond To Marry Him..A Club To Bash His Fucking Head In And A Spade To Burry The Bastard =)-* LOL
Turn-ons:   exclamation *Turn ons would have to be..sexy of course! thumbsup ..but i have to be able to trust them..thats a Biiig issue for me..and sexy eyes and Chest Ummmm..Good Kisser..Amazing body!..And Longish Hair that i can play with=)*
Turn-offs:   exclamation angry -Turn offs would be a lier..there is nothing i hate more than a fucking lier...and not washing isnt very nice either...i dont like guys thats have and ego size problem..ugh those people piss me off../ angry
Buddies:  No buddylist present

 About Me

exclamation I am a really easy going fun loving person..i am put on this earth to have an amzing time!..i love my friends..girls&guys i would die without u xo. --I have long brown hair..blue eyes..Im not all into myself like aloT of prissy little bitches are!=)-- thumbsup We Got The Right..To Fight..To PAAARRRRTTYYY=)F/b] thumbsup


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Member Since:   November 15, 2004 5:52 PM
Profile Hits:   1,946
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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