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Name:   Kaykasha Niscelle Davalie
Age:   114
Sex:   Female
Homepage:   http://www.heartagram.com
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Hobbies:   writing is the only hobby i'll ever need.
Favorite Movies:   The Phantom of the Opera was pretty good.
Favorite Music:   H.I.M., Nightwish, Negative, Bloopit, Parasite City, Children of Bodom, The Rasmus.... basically Finnish Bands!
Favorite Celebrities:   Ville Hermanni Valo
Favorite Food:   sorry, i eat animals.
Hook Line:   if you're sane then you're insane
Turn-ons:   ville valo.... drools! lolz! ............... So im takin a shower and im thinkin to myself... why im always fallin for these loser guys or these loser guys keep fallin for me... or why i see a great guy and hes right in front of me.. but i dont want him... i figured it out... i dont want someone whos going to give me everything my little heart wants... or someone who doesnt give me anything... sounds hella weird... but i want a guy thats going to make me work for things... dont jus give in... i want to earn it... if i want sunflowers.. give em to me cuz i thought about you today.. or cuz it was my treat for dinner or something like that... dont jus give me the flower cuz i told you i want them... i want someone whos going to introduce me to things im not use to.. another world outside of what i already know... help me open my eyes to other things... someone whos going to keep me guessing and learning... someone whos going to teach me things that are important to him... i dont want someone for life... i want someone for right now... someone thats going to help me grow.. im like a crab i guess... once i grow out of one shell.. moves on to another one... dont be mad cuz life is all about learning.. one person can only teach you so much... and with every relationship take something from it... but until i run into that person... im happy being single
Turn-offs:   um... racism, and homophobes, and rude people.... and people that don't know the meaning of a SHOWER!
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 About Me

Hay My Darlings!...... My name is Kaykasha. I'm married to my friend Monica. I have a pet named Bracelet (she's a freshman). And apparently, I'm pokable! Tis Life, Tis Good!


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Member Since:   June 2, 2006 9:20 PM
Profile Hits:   100
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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