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Name:   Courtney
Location:   Texas, United States
Age:   26
Birthday:   March 25
Sex:   Female
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Hobbies:   Goin to dances, goin to the beach, cheering, softball, swimming, hangin out with all my awesome friends, talkin on the phone, chattin on the net, being a BIG FLIRT!, heart
Favorite Movies:   i ReAlLy LoVe ScArY mOviEs heart RoMaNtIc heart CoMeDy heart AcTiOn heart etc, etc...
Favorite Music:   CoUnTrY : RaScAl FlAtTs heart hIp-HoP heart rAp heart PoP heart pUnK heart aLtErNaTiVe heart RoCk heart etc, etc...
Favorite Celebrities:   LiNdSaY lOhAn heart
Hook Line:   SuP bItChEs heart
Looking for:   Someone to talk to
Friendship with a guy
Relationship with a guy
Friendship with a girl
Turn-ons:   heart BOYS heart Nice, Caring, Funny, Sweet, Cute, likes to hug, Kiss, Can be himself, Can do some stupid shit yet knows when it gets too far!, Sense of Humor, Great smile, Nice body
Turn-offs:   Bad Teeth, Bad breath, Can't Kiss, PLAYERS, Not cute, to mature, doesn't know how to have a good time
Buddies:  No buddylist present

 About Me

YeS iTs AbOuT tHaT tImE tO tElL yOu AbOuT mYsElF, sO hErE gOeS nOtHiNg heart LiFe Is GoNnA hAvE iTs UpS aNd DoWnS, lOvE iS gOnNa TaKe ItS cOuRsE oN yOu, gEt ReAdY heart i Am A fUn GiRl So DoN't JuDgE mE bEfOrE yOu KnOw Me heart I aM sInGlE aT tHe TiMe, AnD iF yOu JuSt So HaPpEn To AsK iF i'M lOoKiNg ThE aNsWeR iS yEs heart I wAnT sOmEoNe WhO i KnOw Is GoNnA bE hErE fOr Me No MaTtEr WhAt I wAnNa FiNd SoMeOnE wHo Is DiFfErEnT tHaN mYsElF heart mOrE aBoUt Me: I cAn Be PlAyFuL aT tImEs YeT i KnOw WhEn It'S tImE tO bE sErIoUs heart I lOvE gOiN tO tHe BeAcH, hAnGiN wItH mY fRiEnDs, WhIcH i CoUlDn'T aSk FoR bEtTeR oNeS heart i LoVe My FaMiLy So MuCh AnD i NeEd YoU tO lOvE yOuRs As MuCh As I lOvE mInE heart iF yOu LiKe WhAt YoU sEe PlEaSe TaG mE !!!!!!!!heart


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