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Name:   Penny
Age:   25
Sex:   Female
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Hobbies:   Music, painting, reading, movies, sketching, going to shows, peeling oranges, breaking out the booze and having a ball
Favorite Movies:   Godfather 1& 2, Amélie, From Dusk 'Till Dawn, Smoke, Fight Club, The Shining, Return Of The Living Dead, The Tin Drum, Sin City, The Commitments, Dr. Strangelove, Scarface, Braindead
Favorite Music:   Tiger Army, Misfits, Nekromantix, Faith No More, Levellers, Massive Attack, Fear Factory, Zeke, Ministry, Acid Bath, Life Of Agony, Fantômas, Portishead, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, Neil Young, Six Feet Under, Alice In Chains, Anal Cunt, Carcass, Dying Fetus, Butthole Surfers, Chris Isaak, Crowbar, Danko Jones, Devendra Banhart, Elvis Presley, Jeff Buckley, DJ Shadow, Astral Projection, Talamasca, Astrix, Chi A.D., Infected Mushroom, Hallucinogen, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Nine Inch Nails, Pantera, Prodigy, Queens Of The Stone Age, Primus, R.E.M., Roy Orbison, Sepultura, The Streets, Sigur Rós, Stranglers, Dwarves, The Platters, The Offspring, Tool, Tricky, Underworld, ZZ Top, Wolfbrigade, Wu Tang Clan, Dolly Parton, Dion & The Bellmonts, Helmet, Technotronic, Mercyful Fate, New Order, ...
Turn-ons:   Ripped jeans, side burns, earrings, camping, sense of humor, the night and what it does to you, sexy music, sharing booze, sharing food, festivals, india, movienights, mike patton, drifting, incense, cinema, sleeping, riding the train
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Member Since:   October 26, 2003 4:02 PM
Profile Hits:   654
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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