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kgthdc2468 says:
She thinks I'm mean to her. What a retard.

J_Jammer says:
One can say that she is pretty and she'll deny it left and right. Deny it as she may she cannot state that it's not flatering to hear such things. She has that smile that people buy---and hers is REAL. That's is what makes her hot as well is she's real without the fake stuff that makes people all fake. Profound...I KNOW. There are few people that can render a smile from me when they post --- and of course, cause this is her testimonial, Sara is one of them. She's fun to post with----when she does post....which isn't often but I savor the times when she does. Oooh here it is..Sara has that classic beauty that girls wish they had and want when they watch those old films. Oh and in case you didn't know she's addicted to gambling...HAHA kidding.

ReRocky4228 says:
Sara is one of the most fun people to talk to on this site. She really need to be on more often, she's breaking my heart. :-p

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