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Location:   Brunswick, Ohio, United States
Age:   27
Birthday:   December 22
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   Sakuya167@yahoo.com
Homepage:   http://www.xanga.com/BellaFenomena
College:   Cuyahoga Community College
Major:   Biology
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Hobbies:   Photography, dancing, writing, road trips, bowling, parties, etc...
Favorite Movies:   THRILLERS! Hmm...The Day After Tomorrow, Office Space, Tuck Everlasting (the saddest love story ever), Spiderman (I and II), Dragonfly, Casper, A Walk to Remember, The Cider House Rules, Beauty and the Beast, the Star Wars series, the Matrix movies, 10 Things I Hate About You, Batman, Cheaper By The Dozen, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Ring, Now and Then, The Little Mermaid, the X-Men movies, Serendipity, The Mothman Prophecies, The Identity, The Sixth Sense, Psycho, Ladybugs, The Exorcist, and 300 others- I'm a movie fanatic.
Favorite Music:   Ska, rock, techno, punk, emo, trance, industrial, and even a little jazz and classical....anything I can dance to! Some of my favorite bands include: Incubus, Mindless Self Indulgence, Armor for Sleep, Goldfinger, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Five Iron Frenzy, Third Eye Blind, Yellowcard, CodeSeven, Fall Out Boy, Lost Prophets, System of a Down, Dave Matthew's Band, OAR, Blue October, Breaking Benjamin, Paul Oakenfold, Smile Empty Soul, All American Rejects, Finch, Something Corporate, Motion City Soundtrack, Eve 6, Earshot, Snow Patrol, Modest Mouse, Maroon 5, Switchfoot, Sublime, Hoobastank, The Eels, Jack Johnson, Ben Folds, Sugarcult, Taking Back Sunday, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, New Found Glory, Ninedays, Three Days Grace, The Early November, Allister, Jimmy Eat World, SR-71, Lifehouse, Trapt, The Ataris, Foo Fighters, and of course there are hundreds more. Music is arguably my greatest passion.
Favorite Celebrities:   Hayden Christensen, Brandon Boyd, Ryan Phillipe ,Devon Sawa, Julia Stiles, Frankie Muniz, Ewan McGregor, Keanu Reeves, Jonathon Jackson, Ashton Kutcher, Hilary Duff, Christopher Kennedy Masterson, Riley Smith, Elias Koteas, Nathan West, Chad Michael Murray, Huntley Ritter, Katie Holmes, Tobey Maguire, Kerr Smith, Heath Ledger, Orlando Bloom, Mandy Moore... But of course, I don't actually KNOW any of these people- I just like what I see and that's all I can go by right now.
Favorite Food:   Mmmm! Do milkshakes count as food? How about smoothies? Lately I've been craving pizza and popcorn chicken from KFC like CRAZY. BW3 has THE most scrumptious chicken wings ever. My taste depends so much on my mood though. Ooh, and chocolate milk and sparkling juices are great too. Ha, my friends hate me cause I can eat the world and never gain an ounce ;) ...so basically, I do
Hook Line:   "Everything is okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end."
Turn-ons:   Personality-related qualities are the greatest turn-ons. A great sense of humor: can joke around and make me laugh (it really isn't that difficult!). Never underestimate the sexiness of wit ;) . Intelligence: not just book smarts, but street smarts and life smart as well. Creativity: unique ideas, has an open mind, has a variety of viewpoints to look at topics. Musically-oriented: appreciates music, likes to dance and sing, and maybe even plays an instrument or two. Plans ahead: has morals, values, virtues, puts effort in school, perseveres when desiring achievement. Knows good grammar, spelling, and sentence structure (although I am PURPOSELY typing with incompletes to save space, lol). People who value character over exterior appearance. People who take care of themselves, whether it may be by being active, not smoking, etc. A good friend: someone who displays kindess, sympathy, honesty, trustworthiness, loyalty, sensitivity, respect, empathy, etc. Reliability: someone you can count on, who sticks with plans that they make and show up or call when planned. Someone who can carry on a conversation for hours on end and not get bored or distracted. Physical attributes GENERALLY include: dark hair, blue or green eyes, tall, and athletic. However, these traits tend to vary and aren't nearly as important as one's personality is. My view on this is that beauty on the inside shines through- it's all about perception. Eyes are my number one physical feature that I look for- I spend most of my time looking into eyes than anything else. Also, eyes really are windows that show the inside of a person. Smiles are also great =D . They make me happy.
Turn-offs:   Relatively speaking- smoking, lying, stealing, cheating on significant others, utter stupidity, closed minded, can't get into heated debates without getting upset or feeling hurt, overly dependent on others to get through life, constantly breaks plans, participates in the consumption or selling of drugs, doesn't care about grades, gets in many physical fights, is an alcoholic, animal-haters, overly inflated egos, excessive swearing due to lack of a wider vocabulary or to seem tough and intimidating, people who litter relentlessly, etc...I can't think of any more at the moment but believe me, I have more. =)


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Member Since:   October 20, 2003 2:48 PM
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