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Name:   Melika (Pronounced MEH-LEE-KAH)
Location:   Chicago, Illinois, United States
Age:   28
Birthday:   September 27
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   rexblade@gmail.com
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Hobbies:   writing, giving advice, collecting manga
Favorite Movies:   not a movie person
Top Movie Genres:   Action, Adventure, Anime, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Suspense, Thriller
Top Music Genres:   Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Jazz, Metal
Favorite Celebrities:   I'm a little old for hero worship, no?
Favorite Food:   SAMMICHES!!!
Hook Line:   all things good and evil being balanced, good ppl are doomed to suffer.
Looking for:   Someone to talk to
Turn-ons:   anything involving fire, being pet and getting belly rubs
Turn-offs:   judgementalism and closed-mindedness
Buddies:  Buddylist hidden

 About Me

I am Rex. I spent my teenage years on this site under the guise of a young man named Eric, who many people assumed was white. It turned out to be quite the interesting social experiment. As a guy, not only did I not get the endless private messages requesting cybersex, but when I did get PMs it was for serious conversations. Furthermore, my random sense of humor that was dismissed as long as I was female was welcomed and adored when people thought I was a guy. Of course, when I dropped the facade in 2006 I had a lot of pissed off friends, so I left and got a Facebook page. In summer 2010 I decided to check in and found that while most of my old buddies have moved on, chat hasn't changed much! Unfortunately, I have laid "Eric" to rest so I'm back to dealing with the annoying double standards.....Shucks......


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~Lil~Miss~Lovely~ says:
Dude, did I ever leave Rexis a testimonial?! Guess not. Wellup, this chick is just about amazing. She's a brilliant actress (as we all damn well know) but more importantly, she's a great friend. (If you can ever manage to find her, ^_^) she is wonderful to talk to and even more wonderful at giving advice. If you haven't had the pleasure, make it yours.

Little_french_girl says:
Awww my Sexy Rexy! She's totally sexy! Just look at that smile! ;) She's been a great friend to me, helping me through so much in life and giving me the advice I needed to continue to be here. She helped me get through those rough days and I can't thank her enough for it! Melika you are one awesome chick and even if I can't seem to catch ya all the time your still in my heart and I only hope for the best for you and for what's ahead for you. I've got your back and I don't plan to run! Melika is the greatest person you could ever know, she has a big heart, she cares so much about everyone close to her and she magically heals the wounds inside those who are hurt! I wish you well my friend and may the greatest of lights shine upon you! LOVE THE SEXY REXY! hehe!

rlsjun87 says:
Rexy [Melika] is an great person! She's fun and random, just an awesome friend. grin And she eats yummy sammiches. Mwhahaha. I love my Rexy <3 Boy or girl, she's my most favorite Chicagoin on here grin REXY, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha. You're awesome. I hope we get to hang out sometime. You know what I miss? All the times in chat in Wibble and stuff...those were good times. It was so much fun back then. We don't really get to talk as much anymore =( But at least we get to keep in touch through Rexblade's Chamber LOL Great place grin I love it. I love you too =O EVERYONE SHOULD LOVE REXY!!! Cause she's awesome. heart

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Member Since:   May 8, 2004 1:13 PM
Profile Hits:   14,387
Last Login:   215 days ago

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