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Name:   Anna B.
Location:   San Antonio, Texas, United States
Age:   23
Birthday:   February 2
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   starletgreenbaby@yahoo.com
High School:   Jefferson High School
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Favorite Music:   don't have a fave.

 About Me

I am a high school freshmen. Whoever said high school is the greatest time in a personís lifeÖ LIED. Becuz my experience has been nothing but sucky. I moved to my home school and I hate it. I know I shouldnít judge so soon especially since Iíve only been there for about a month but it really is just a terrible place. Enough about that. I am the oldest of eight . yup. My mom had another one. this summer. All I have to say is life is never boring at home. thatís for shure. haha. I still like to read just not as much as I use to. And I still like to laugh and I have fun. Did I mature? Iíd say I did. And honestly Iím a little surprised. Iím into country music now and before I just thought it was not even worth listening to. Life is really crazy right now. But I know things will get better. Iím having my quincenerea in February. (for those of yall who donít know what that isÖ itís a sweet 15 party. Basically celebrating the first 15 years of my life.) And itís driving my mother crazy. LMAO. She really wants everything perfect. so itís so funny. But I just want to get it over with. Well I guess thatís all thatís new with me. So if u want to talk to me just leave me a tag or email me.


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Member Since:   February 28, 2005 2:14 PM
Profile Hits:   2,932
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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