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Name:   Jessica
Location:   Georgia, United States
Age:   24
Birthday:   August 8
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   lafthjp05@aol.com
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Hobbies:   Rapping, Writing, Reading, And Dancing
Favorite Movies:   Goodfellas, Scarface, Dazed and Confused, and The Notebook
Favorite Music:   Ery`Thang
Favorite Celebrities:   ummmm......LIL Wayne and Keyshia Cole
Favorite Food:   Soul Food
Looking for:   Someone to talk to
Friendship with a guy
Relationship with a guy
Friendship with a girl
Relationship with a girl
Turn-ons:   Lips , Eyes , Fresh Breath , Nice bodies , and Smart people
Turn-offs:   Hairy people , B.O. , Mean people , Dudes who think they a pimp

 About Me

Songs on my playlist
Hustla Music -LIL Wayne , I'm In Love With Tipper -Sekay , Salt Shaker - La Chat , DJ Play A Love Song - Jamie Foxx , In Love With You -Erykah Badu , Georgia Girlz -Crime Mob , I Love You - Crime Mob , I'll Beat Yo Azz - Crime Mob , Incomplete - Dru Hill , Hypothetically - Lyfe Jennings / Fantasia , Girl Next Door - Music Soulchild , My Love Is Like Whoa -Mya , One Mic - Nas , You Don't Love Me No More -Natalie , Get On The Dance Floor - Oobie , Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off -Panic! At The Disco , I Write Sinz Not Tragedies - Painc! At The Disco , Vice Versa -Pastor Troy , Oh Father - Pastor Troy , Freak No Mo - Raheem , Most Beautiful Girl In The World , In My Mind -Heather Headly , Getting Some Head - Shawnna , She' z Gangsta - Robin Thicke.

My Zodiac Sign
I am a very proud Leo !!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite LIL Wayne lyrics
I ain't never killed anyone I promise but if you try me you gonna have to rewind this track and make me go back .-hustla music

~*~Some Random Facts and Things About Me~*~
I have tryed to commit suicide more than once. I have been put into a mental institution before. I have been arrested . I have been put in hands cuffs (in more ways than one lol) . I believe in god but i don't go to church.I own a bible I have never read . I'd give my life for anyone . I 'd take anyones life over my family . I will change myself for no one . Not even God . I do not cry over any man . I never will .I love everyone i meet as soon as i meet them . You get on on my bad side and you will regret it . I'm as sweet as honey , but if you try me i'll beat ya ass . I never start anything . But if something was to get started I will finish it . I'm not in a gang , I have never been , nor will i ever be in one . I do have friends that are that I love very dearly. I have a few friends that are in the mafia . I hang around nothing but boyz . Except a few females. I don't like most females because females try to hard to get noticed. I ain't like that. I'm the realest person you will EVER meet. I'm too honest . If you ask i will tell . I hide nothing.I'm an open book .

¢¾¢¾The folks I love on this site !¢¾¢¾
wildthing_1289 , x_Urban_Melody_x , oNeLoVeFaShO22 , pink_baller09 , Forever_Famous , H_Town2009 , LATINO_OG

In my CD player...
A Slow Jam Cd I Made !!

Things I Believe In
#1).Love #2).Fear #3).God #4).My Heart #5).My Mind

Native American , Irish , Black Dutch

Name: Call Me Jessica Age: 15 . 16 on August-8 Grounds: Atlanta B-day: August 8 Sign: Leo Nickname: Angel Fav. Color: Blue Fav. Food: Pizza rollz Race: Irish . Greek . Native American . Black Dutch. Fav. Music:Soul, Rap, R&B and Hip-Hop Fav. Singer: Erykah Badu Fav. Rap Artist: LiL Wayne . Pastor Troy . Fav. Sport[s]: Basketball . Fav. Basketball Player: Allen Iverson Fav. Football Player: Mike Vick Fav. Candy[s]: STARBURST !!!!!!!!! Fav. Shoe[s]: Air Forces . FILAZ Fav. Chip: Honey BBQ Twists Fav. Town: ATLANTA Fav. Model: Tyra Banks Fav. Actor: John Travolta Fav. Actress: Saundra Bullock Fav. Movie[s]:ShowGirlz . Scarface . Goodfellaz . Casino . Fav. Comedy Show: Roseanne . Fav. TV Show: Def Poetry Jam 2 # of Siblings: 3 Fav. Mall: SouthLake Mall Fav. Store[s]:Dots . Rainbow . It ' z Fashion . Walmart . Target . Yes I'm Cheap. Fav. Makeup: Eyeliner Fav. Song: In Love With You By Erykah Badu Disliked Movie: Any thing with Hilary Duff Disliked Candy: Dotz Disliked Clothing: Anything Preppy Disliked Shoe: Anything Someone Famous Made . Disliked Chip: Corn chipz Disliked Music:None I love All music Disliked Singer: Hilary Duff . Disliked Rapper: 50 Cent

The Bestest person on SCN is TIFFANY !!!!!! She is one of my bestest friends !!!! I love her to death . I hope that one day we'll be able to meet in person . Geez , I love this chick !!!!!!!!

Slore . Whore . Slut . Bitch . Hoe . Stank Face .

What I look for in a woman.
I like studz and femz . I prefer studz though . I like em to be taller than me . Cute . You ain't gotta be the sexiest person in the world , but you must be cute at least . I DO NOT like skinny femalez . I like em thick . Only a dog wants a bone . Don't matter if you're black , puerto rican , white . It don't make no difference to me .

~*~*~My * Nick * Names ~*~*~
Jessie , Angel , Turtle , Country , A- Town , Crazii , Pook Pook and I think thats it .

My Favorite Quote
An eye for an eye will leave the world blind .

Favorite Websites
Crushspot . com , xanga . com , and this one i guess

Celebs I wish I could marry:
LiL Wayne , Josh Hartnett , Drea De Matteo , Shanna Moakler

Things That Piss Me Off
#1). West coast "lingo" #2). People who don't shut the door all the way #3). People who think they know more than me #4). Most white females (I don't know why ) #5). Hilary and Haylie Duff

People Say I*m
#1). Mean #2). Loyal #3). Loving #4). Crazy #5). Loud

My Relationship Status:
Single and hating it ! ! !

Longest Relationship:
Was to Deandre for 3 years off and on .He has my heart . No man will ever come close to having the love i have for him.


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 My Top 5

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My Top 5 movies
1. Scarface
2. Good Fellas
3. Dazed and Confused
4. Domino
5. Boondock Saints

My Top 5 songs
1. Its Going Down by Young Joc
2. Do It With No Hands by K-Rab
3. I'm The Man by D4L
4. Good Girl by Amerie
5. ms. new booty by Bubba Sparxxx

My Top 5 music artists/bands
2. Pastor Troy
3. Lil Wayne
4. Young Jeezy


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Member Since:   March 8, 2006 12:22 AM
Profile Hits:   3,116
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