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SlightlyIntoxicated_ says:
Why, hello Todd. I'm here to let everyone know that Todd, is one great guy. smile He's really good for favours and advice, even opinions. Which rocks. Like him. Anywho, if anyone out there wants to talk to really wicked kid, tag Todd. Heh tag Todd. Lol i'm so easily amused. Allright. Sincerely, Megan;heart

kinkashaba says:
Todd is great! he was my first friend on SCN and i couldnt have chosen a better friend. He lives in Penn, me in Ohio. He called me to talk even. He is the best. I dont know what i would do without my Todd. and i know he gonna kill me for this, but i call him my Toddy Bear!!!!!!!!!! :) lol sorry Todd, i had too! but yes, Todd is great with computers, and gives great advice. hugs and kisses to ya Todd!

DeadFlowers says:
You rock. I love you. You have the best taste in music, and you're so nice. =)

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