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Name:   Katelin Marie Ross
Location:   Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Age:   25
Birthday:   August 8
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   littlecity_biggirl@hotmail.com
Homepage:   http://www.myspace.com/katelincutie
Major:   Law
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Hobbies:   Hangin With my girlfriends, chillin, on msn, on da phone, lovin you.
Favorite Movies:   40 Days And 40 Nights, Euro Trip, etc.
Favorite Music:   Alizée, Nelly Furtado, Anything good.
Favorite Food:   Um, cheesecake, Chicken, Chinese
Hook Line:   Small Town Girl With The Big City Heart
Turn-ons:   Cute butt, pretty face, nice smile, sweet personalilty, kindness, sexy stomach.
Turn-offs:   Muscle women, extremely fat men/women,b*tchs, UNINTELLIGENT GUYS! (I would rather go out with someone less attractive, but intelliegent!)

 About Me

Hey I'm a 16 year old from Canada... Those of you will know me from modeling as "Marie". I do a lot of modeling, for some magazines, clothing lines and a website. I enjoy posting on the forums here, hanging with my friends, and helping out everyone!


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cutetwo says:
katelin you rock and are always very nice and helpful to people! keep being you!

Athletic_Girl122 says:
Katelin, u r one of the best ppl i kno and u r so easy to talk to.. i can talk to u bout anything and u will always be there to listen when i need u.. plus i love talkin to u wink well ur a great friend and any1 should be lucky to even kno u.. <3<3 Andrea

the_prezs_daughter says:
katelyn, i love ya lots!! ur such a great person...and such a beautiful gurl!! hope modeling is doin great 4 u!! i hope ur having lots of fun w/ ben 2!! ur soo sweet and give me the laughs when ur in a goofy mood!! never change!! love ya - danielle!

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Member Since:   March 1, 2005 9:57 PM
Profile Hits:   8,742
Last Login:   Over a year ago


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