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Name:   Jenn H
Age:   22
Birthday:   March 7
Sex:   Female
Homepage:   http://www.myspace.com/fuzzy_widdle_peguin
High School:   Red Boiling Springs High School
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Hobbies:   Volleyball, Poetry, Computers, Photography
Favorite Movies:   Scream, Saw, The Villiage, It, Secret Window, Hallow Man, Hallow Man 2, Scary Movie 2, Scary Movie 4, The Grudge, The Ring, Freddy VS. Jason, All Chukie Movies, Bondoak Saints
Top Movie Genres:   Action, Anime, Comedy, Crime, Horror, Sci-Fi
Favorite Music:   3 Doors Down, 3Oh!3, 30 Seconds To Mars, Anberlin, Apocalyptica, Armor For Sleep, Atreyu, Avril Lavigne, Beethoven, Boys Like Girls, Breaking Benjamin, Casting Crowns, Deah Cab for Cutie, Dope, Drowning Pool, Evanescence, Fall Out Boy. Flyleaf, Foo Fighters, Framing Hanley, Godsmack, Green Day, Hawthorne Heights, H.I.M, Hollywood Undead, Hinder, Inner Party System, Jeremy Camp, Katy Perry, Kittie, Korn, Linkin Park, Ludo, Maryiln Mansion, Metor Station, My Chemical Romance, Nickleback, Panic At The Disco, Papa Roach, Plain White T's, POD, Red, Relient K, Semi Precious Weapons, Shinedown, Slipknot, System of a Down, , Senses Fail, Spur58, The All-American Rejects, The Pink Spiders, The Used, Three Days Grace, Trapt, Taking Back Sunday, The Friday Night Boys Queens Of The Stone Age,
Top Music Genres:   Alternative Rock, Christian, Hard Rock, Metal
Favorite Celebrities:   none
Favorite Food:   Sushi, Pizza, Pasta, Chinese
Hook Line:   Why so serious?
Looking for:   Someone to talk to
Friendship with a guy
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 About Me

I love the color black. Most people think that I am gothic or a satanist because of that but I am not. I am a Christian and I belive in My Lord God and his son Jesus. I love Peanut Butter and I am always caught with my hand in the jar (a figure of speech people get with the program lol). I love penguins, fairies, dragons, and most of all Vampires. I love wolves for they can be the most majestic creatures. I am learning to speak Japanese because I have a foundness in my heart for Japan and hope to one day go there. I love to read books, but I also am very attached to mangas (for those who don't know Mangas are books from Japan not like the American Comics but related in some ways).


Taken or Single?
heart Single!! heart

Satan, Lustful People, Liars, Cheaters, Disrespectful People, People who drag me into their problems, & most of all People who Disrespect Me or My Lord. I have a major problem when people feel that they can tell me that they are going to do things when I have asked them politly not to do them. I will not disrepect your beleifs if you will not disrespect My Lord. People who cheat on each other really irritate me because if you want to be with the other person just tell your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife and leave it at that. If you don't lie to me then I will have no reason to get upset with you. If you ask me a question I will tell you the truth and I am sorry if it upsets you.


Chick and proud of it


My Likes
God, Jesus, Church, The Bible, Manga, Music, Books, Japan, Angels, Demons, Wolves, Vampires, Gaiaonline, Dragons, Fairies, Volleyball. I love all of these things and I would never give up any of them. I love to be able to read different books, I love to read mangas even more and expecially if they are about Vampires. My favorite manga is Vampire Knight and I can't wait until they come out with the next book. There are more things that I like to do and even more things that I hold very close to my heart.

My Favorite Websites!
www.myspace.com www.vampirefreaks.com www.student.com www.rocklifes.com www.gaiaonline.com

~~My typical friday night consits of....~~
Volleyball or Church

Loretta is one of my best friends in the world...there is nothing that I wouldn't do for her. If she ever needed anything from me I would give it to her. There is no way I can tell you people how much I love her. She has ALWAYS been there for me and I hope that she will ALWAYS be there for me.....I know that I could never be as good a friend to her as she is to me....I am to much of a f**k up. There is nothing that she could ever do that would change the way I feel about her. People might not like her and me together cause we cause trouble, but I really donít care cause she was the first person who gave me a chance when I moved so we are friends and will be for a long time.

Rock On
_+880_____________________________ _++88_____________________________ _++88_____________________________ __+880_________________________++_ __+888________________________+88_ __++880______________________+88__ __++888_____+++88__________+++8__ __++8888__+++8880++88____+++88___ __+++8888+++8880++8888__++888____ ___++888++8888+++888888++888_____ ___++88++8888++8888888++888______ ___++++++888888888888888888______ ____++++++88888888888888888______ ____++++++++000888888888888______ _____+++++++000088888888888______ ______+++++++00088888888888______ _______+++++++088888888888_______ _______+++++++088888888888_______ ________+++++++8888888888________ ________+++++++0088888888________ ________++++++0088888888_________ ________+++++0008888888__________ ________"""""""""""""""""""""""""""_______________"""""""""""""""""""""""""""____


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XxTeenage_ZombiexX says:
Jenn is my babygirl && my Fuzzy Widdle Penguin. Too many people have tried to take her from me in the past. Well, too bad. It ain't happenin'. She means the world and more to me. I wouldn't give anything for her. She's always there for me. Yea, yea. Some people don't like us friends, but I don't care. So pfft. If you hurt her, expect some displeasure from me. I don't like seeing her hurt, I really don't. So, save yourself a slap in the face and don't hurt her. I love you Jennnn :]]

 My Top 5

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My Top 5 movies
1. Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy
2. Boondock Saints
3. Harry Potter (All Of Them)

My Top 5 songs
1. Hoist The Colours by Pirates
2. Yo Ho, Yo Ho A Pirates Life For Me by Pirates
3. The Kill by 30 Seconds To Mars
4. I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace

My Top 5 music artists/bands
1. Pirates


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Member Since:   January 26, 2007 5:35 PM
Profile Hits:   2,190
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