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Name:   Ashley Kozak
Location:   Hellertown, Pennsylvania, United States
Age:   25
Birthday:   November 19
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   IFnLoveSlipknot@hotmail.com
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Favorite Movies:   The Crow
Favorite Music:   SlipKnoT, As I Lay Dying, Bleeding Though, In Flames, All That Remains, Ill Nino, God Forbid, Hatebreed, Lamb Of God, Bleed The Sky, Cradle Of Filth, And Lots More.
Favorite Food:   Ice Cream.
Looking for:   Someone to talk to
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Buddies:  No buddylist present

 About Me

Im Ashley. I Like To Be Called Kozak. I Hate The Name Ashley. I Rock. End Of Story. Im 16. Almost 17. Yay. Yes. I Am Taken. By One Special Boy. That I Love To Death. And He Means Everything To Me. ¢¾ Music = My Life. Metal Is My Fav. Kind Of Music. Joey Jordison. Is My God. End Of Story. Corey Taylor. And Dani Filth. They Are Awesome Too. DON'T EVER Make Fun Of Slipknot Or As I Lay Dying. If You Do. I'll Freak Out On You. And DON'T EVER Make Fun Of Joey Jordison. If You Wanna Live To See Tomarrow. Im A Bigger Slipknot Fan Then Michael Is. And He Knows It. Lmfao. Im A Pyro. I Like Lighting Shit On Fire. Fire Is Always Fun To Play With. Doing Stupid Shit Is Fun Too. I Hate My Town. Its Gay. I Can't Wait Til Im Out Of Here. I Hate My School. No. Wait. Actually. I Dispise It. So Many People Judge By Apperance. Its Gay. Everyone That Goes To Saucon. Are Idiots. I Love My Friends. I'd Die For Them. I Can Be Nice. Just Don't Piss Me Off. And. Especially. Don't Make Fun Of My Family Or My Friends. I'll Flipout And Make You Miserable. Yes. I Am Short Tempered. I Get That From My Daddy. Lol. When Im Piss. Im Fuckin Pissed. I Get That From My Daddy Too. Haha. When I Am Pissed. Stay Away From Me. Because I Don't Wanna Talk To You. And. Don't Ask Me Whats Wrong. I Won't Tell You. And That Just Pisses Me Off More. I'm Very Random. Like Really Random. I Can't Help It. The Simplest Stuff. Amazes Me. Because I'm Easily Amuzed. I Get Distracted Easily. I Am Emotional. I Can't Help It. I Am Very Self Concious. I Can't Help That Either. Im Allergic To Bees. And That Sucks. I Hate Sharks. And You'll NEVER Catch Me In The Ocean. Im Deathly Afraid Of Sharks. And Clowns. I Hate Those Fuckers Too. And Thats It... If You Don't Like It... Then Fuck Off...


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1. Slipknot
2. As I Lay Dying
3. Bleeding Through


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Member Since:   September 3, 2006 11:31 AM
Profile Hits:   3
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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