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Name:   Jermey Baker
Location:   United Kingdom
Age:   26
Birthday:   February 14
Sex:   Male
E-mail:   XxTasteOfChaosxX@yahoo.com
Major:   Music
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Hobbies:   Skateboarding, movies, music, chillin with friends.
Favorite Movies:   Grind, Napolian Dynamite, Harold and Kumar Go To White castle, Levelland, Underworld, All the Blade movies, SLC Punk, CKY2K, Wrong Turn, Big Daddy, Billy Maddison, Water Boy, lilo and stitch, Queen Of The Damned, Supper Troopers, Eurotrip, Roadtrip, Fast And The Furious, Logic Medias, Jackass
Favorite Music:   A faith called chaos, AFI, Alexisonfire, Alkaline trio, All american rejects, Allister, Amber pacific, Anti-flag, Armor of Sleep, Ateryu, Authority zero, Autopilot off, Avenged sevenfold, Bad religion, The beautiful mistake, Billy Talent, The Black Maria, Bleed the dream, Bleeding through, Blindside, Bouncing souls, Boys night out, Brand new, Brazil, Break the silence, Breakdance Vietnam, Breaking Benjamin, The briggs, The casualties, Chronic future, CKY, The Clash, The code, Coheed and cambria, D.E.K (Dont Even Know), Dont look down, Dropkick murpheys, Eigth fingers down, Every time I die, The Exies, Fall out boy, Fear before the march of flames, Finch, Flogging molly, From autumn to ashes, From first to last, The F-Ups, The get up kids, The god awfuls, Green day, Hawthorn Heights, Hidden in plain view, The hurt process, ICP, Jackson united, Jersey, Lars frederiksen and the bastards, Letter kills, Lostprophets, Maddison, Matchbook romance, The matches, Melee, Midtown, Motion city soundtrack, My chemical romance, Nofx, Number one fan, Over it, Piebald, Pipedown, Pulley, Rage against the Machine, The Ramones, Rancid, The red west, Rise against, Rufio, Saves the day, Seether, Sevendust, The silence, Silverstein, Slipknot, Smile Empty Soul, The snake the cross the crown, Something cooperate, Stars hide fire, Starting line, Stone Temple Pilots, Story of the year, Sublime, The suicide machines, System Of a Down, Taking back Sunday, Third eye blind, Thought riot, Thrice, Thursday, Tsunami Boumb, Underminded, The unseen, Unwritten Law, The used, The vandals, and more…
Favorite Food:   Captin Crunch Cereal
Hook Line:   A best friend is not someone who will bail you out of jail. A best friend will be in the same cell on the bench agreeing with you that what you did was some funny shit.
Turn-ons:   Personality
Turn-offs:   Preps, pousers

 About Me

I'm 17 and just moved again back to my home town with some friends. Ohh yeah!Feels good to be back! And I'm in a band. I play bass and I'm the led vocals, Kate plays the guitar and vox, Scott plays drums and vox, and Jak plays guitar and vox. yeah anything else you want to know just ask.


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Member Since:   February 22, 2005 10:11 PM
Profile Hits:   1,261
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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