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Let's see. I love to dance, It's my passion. I couldn't stop if I tried. From taking classes at B'WAY, to my company, to clubs, to just being stupid- dance owns me. I love musical theater. Not only just being in shows, but every element of theater, & I love to going to Broadway shows. I love to read, I think uneducated people are retarded. Personally, I make a lot of judgements, which I shouldn't, but when ignorant people make assumptions about things they don't even know about, that pisses me off. Plus, there's nothing better than reading a book on the beach. I love all kinds of music. I like a lot of classic rock, what my parents listened to when I was growing up, alt rock, pop, emo, punk, ska, rap, hiphop, some country, jazz, a lot of House, Euro pop, & techno- and then occasionally classical music. I play the piano, so I guess it means a little more when I listen to classical music. I love fashion. It's such an awesome expression. I learned not to judge people on how they dress, and appreciate the art of it. I wear a little bit of everything, designer threads when I'm fortunate enough, some Abercrombie, a lot of H&M, Banana Republic in the winter, Express, Aldo, Guess, Diesel & I love going down to the city and finding vintage clothes & jewelry. I love 20 year old pieces, retro things, because then I can cut it up and add some of my own flavor. I love pearls, I love pumps, tall pumps & clutches. I love makeup, I love getting dressed up. But don't get me wrong, I dress down alot. Ponytail, no makeup, and sweats. I won't lie.


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