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Name:   Catherine Williams
Location:   Austin, Texas, United States
Age:   24
Birthday:   January 21
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   vitriolictlight@aol.com
Homepage:   http://www.myspace.com/perverbialrainbow
High School:   Sam Houston High School
College:   University of Texas
Major:   Sociology
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Hobbies:   badminton, biking, dancing, hanging out, singing, sleeping, video games, playing with my army men, playing online games, discovering new music, mixng music, photoshop
Favorite Movies:   Low budget Gore, European Gore, LGBT Films, Indie, and honestly anything trippy
Favorite Music:   Anything Dubstep, Skream, Benga, You Love Her Cos She is Dead, Crystal Castles, Tegan and Sara, Paramore, Death Cab For Cutie, Cottie and Cluekid, Superheroes, Our Mexican Butcher, Gracia, Taking Back Sunday, Josh Groban, Eisley, Armor For Sleep, Dixie Chicks, The Shins, The Early November, Dashboard Confessional, Underoath, Taylor Swift, Modest Mouse, Tim McGraw, mewithoutyou, Legion of Doom, Garth Brooks, Gang Gang, Tricky, Milk and Cookies, Portishead, Alexisonfire, Coldplay, The Prodigy, Dizze Rascal, Lady Sovereign, Bat For Lashes, Ida Maria, El Perro Del Mar, Placebo, Snow Patrol, Maps, High Places, Fleet Foxes, The Avalanches, The Butchies, Kenna, Passion Pit, TV on the Radio, Moby, Band of Horses, Iron and Wine, Asobi Seksu, NORIKO TUJIKO, Son Lux, Art Brut, Susanna And The Magical Orchestra, STARS, Claude Debussy, Anberlin, Nouvelle Vague, Rabbitcore, Bar 9, Daftpunk, Lacrosse, Bon Iver, The Qemists, Calvin Harris, Just Jack, Anya Marina, School of Seven Bells, Animal Collective, Bloc Party, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Massive Attack, Lily Allen, Radiohead
Favorite Food:   Mac n Cheese
Hook Line:   Thats what its all about, isnt it? Forget about all that other shit. Its not about that. Its about everything else. Like, when you open your eyes at night and you see that face and you cant breathe cos you're that happy..."-Emily Fitch (skins)
Looking for:   Someone to talk to
Turn-ons:   Dorkyness, Sweetness, Cuteness, Sarcasm, Sense of Humor, Horn Rimmed Glasses, and many other things
Turn-offs:   Arrogance, Hard Headedness, Assholes, Bitches, Obnoxiousness, Bigots
Buddies:  No buddylist present

 About Me

My name is-What? My name is-Who? My name is *wigga wigga* Slim Shady! Ohh I mean Catherine, ya my name is Catherine, and I am currently 19yrs old. My sun sign is Aquarius, and I just calculated my moon sign and am greatly surprised to find that it is Scorpio; so that is a bit of a combination I must say. I am currently attending the University of Texas at Austin, my major is Sociology. I am in love with being in love I am very restless, and because of this I dont get much sleep, and most nights you can find me tossing and turning, or taking a night walk while everyone sleeps. Ah and here is my favorite thing, I AM A LESBIAN, HEAR ME ROAR! Lmao! So since you know I am ok with the gay, I shall say that I like it when a girl can be sarcastic, hold a sense of humor, be playful, when she is sweet, in the end a girl that is down to earth just completely sweeps me off my feet; its the best thing in the world. I tend to flirt when I talk, and dont even know it (so if I talk to you, and you think I'm coming on to you your probably wrong lol), but all in all I am faithful to whoever I want to truly hold my heart, and I dont just toss my heart to anyone. I never half love someone, if I love them, I love them with all my heart and there is no other way about it.

TV on the Radio -
The lazy way they turned your head Into a rest stop for the dead And did it all in gold and blue and grey The efforts to allay your dread, In spite of all you knew and said, Were hard to see and harder still to say A comfort plush all laced in lead Was sent to quell your sentiment And keep your trembling sentinel hand at bay And when a sudden silhouette Escaped the top-side of your bed I knew you'd never ever be the same Is it not me? Am I not folded by your touch? The words you spoke I know too much It's over now And not enough Is it not me? The damage you hold inside your blush? The load you towed You showed it up It's over now And I'm insane Wild spirits winds from out your chest Collides with world and wilderness It needs a gentle hand to call it home Now surfs the sun and scales the moon And winds the waistband of her womb All eyes ablaze the day you break your mold Is it not me? Am I not culled into your clutch? The words you spoke I know too much We're closer now And said enough Is it not me? Am I not rolled into your crush? The road you choose Unloads control See it take me so Go on throw this stone Into this halfway home


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Member Since:   May 5, 2009 5:13 PM
Profile Hits:   49
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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