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Hook Line:   I'll cut you, betch.
Turn-ons:   humility, perspective, an open-mind, and intellectual depth
Turn-offs:   the overly judgmental, arrogance, pettiness, and catty bitches
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 About Me

Arriving in a constant state of departure. Content lacking in present. A self-fulfilling prophecy. Buried alive. Elation --> frustration. Cries in the vacuum of space-time. Retreats to hyperdimensional states. Fleeting clarity in a moment's thought. Searching for a consensual reality in a subjective-existential condition. Absent Without Official Leave. Just a little pinprick! --> Comfortably numb. Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun. Tattered but optimistic. Some assembly required.


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jkw135 says:
Jensus Christ!

interview says:
Jen is more than just a sexy blond bombshell. She has thoughts and opinions, as if you didn't notice.

unliketherest says:
Hey Jen! I'm doing this because Haxot told me to.

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I am a nomad.

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