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Hobbies:   Reading > Girls > Writing > Movies > Music > Friends > Parties > Girls > Guitar > Basketball > Girls > Just Haveing A Good Time... With Girls
Favorite Movies:   Napoleon Dynamite, Night At The Roxbury, The Patriot, Dr. Zhivago, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Bend It Like Beckham, The Longest Yard, The Interpreter, The Hole, The Ring 1 &2, The Rookie, Butterfly Effect, Blue Crush, The Notebook, Closer, Cold Mountain, Interview With A Vampire, O Brother Where Art Thou
Favorite Music:   Rap, Coffee House, Rock, Classic Rock, 90s Music, Easy Listening
Favorite Food:   Pizza
Hook Line:   Ohio Is For Lovers <3 ::*:: Hope Dangles On A String Like Slow Spinning Redemption ::*:: I'm Missing Your Bed, I Never Sleep, Avoiding The Spots Where We Have To Speak ::*:: Which Came First The Love Or The Love Song ::*:: Staring At The Blank Page Before You, Open Up The Dirty Window, Let The Sun Illiminate The Words That You Cannot Find ::*:: An Overcast Play Just Taken Away From The Lovers Of Love At The Center Stage ::*:: Its Not Hard To Fall When You Float Like A Cannonball
Turn-ons:   Crazy Eyes > Smiles > Flip Flops > Athletic > Great Sense Of Humor > Flirty > Skirts > Good Kissers > Great Legs > Likes To Laugh
Turn-offs:   Complains All The Time > Clingy > Just Being Mean For No Reason

 About Me

Well theres not much about me that you need to know that i cant talk about if you ask me. I'm single and looking...i suppose that might interest someone. I'm 6'1 with blondish brown hair and grey eyes. I play basketball and some soccer and tennis but just messing around. I enjoy working out and running. I'm usually at the parties on the weekends just having fun and hanging out with friends. Other than that just leave me a tag 'cause i have a feeling i'm not going to be on a lot. Peace


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Member Since:   May 30, 2005 6:26 PM
Profile Hits:   675
Last Login:   Over a year ago


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HeReS A RaZoR, SiGn Ur NaMe oN mY HeArT

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