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Name:   Destiny Klock
Location:   Florida, United States
Age:   22
Birthday:   January 24
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   Lips_Of_An_Angel19@yahoo.com
Homepage:   http://www.myspace.com/your_not_kool
High School:   Durant High School
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Hobbies:   Chattin on the puter, watch tv, hang out with friends,
Favorite Movies:   Right now my favorite movie is Fun With Dick And Jane it is hilarious, but the genres i like are action, comedy, and horror!!
Favorite Music:   I listen to all kinds of music, but ill list em well some of em lol ... im just gonna go in order by th way my music is listed mmkay...Gnarls Barkley, 3 Doors Down, Adam Sandler, Adema, A.F.I, Akon, All 4 One, All-American Rejects, Blessed Unions Of Souls, Blaine Larson, Billy Gilman, Black Eyed Peas, Blink 182, Blue October, Bo Bice, Bon Jovi, Bowling For Soup, Boys II Men, The Calling, Carrie Underwood, Cascada, Chamillionaire, Cheyenne Kimball, Chris Cagle, Ciara, Clay Crosse, Counting Crows, D4L, D12, Def Lepard, DHT, Dynamite Hack, Edwin Mccain, Eminem, Evenesence, Everclear, Fall Out Boy, Fat Joe, Ja rule, Ashanti, Five For Fighting, Fort Minor, Fozzy, The Fray, Goo Goo Dolls, Good Charlotte, Hanson, Hawthorne Heights, Hilary Duff, Hinder, Howie Day, James Blunt, Jamie Lynn Spears, Jessica Andrews, Joey Fatone, JoJo, Josh Hoge, Jump-5, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, K-Ci And JoJo, Kelly Clarckson, The Killers, Krystal Harris, Lalaine, Lance Bass, Lenny Kravits, LifeJouse, Lindsay Lohan, Linkin Park, Lucas Prata, Mandy Moore, Marcos Hernandez, Mariah Carey, Mario, Mario Vazquez, Maroon 5, McFly, Michael W. Smith, Michelle Branch, Myra, Natalie, Nelly, Nena, Nick Lachey, Nickelback, Night Ranger, Nine Days, No Secrets, Nsync, Nu Flavor, O-Town, O-Zone, P-Diddy, P.O.D, P.Y.T, PANIC! At The Disco, Papa Roach, Paris Hilton, Phil Collins, Pink, Play, Puudle Of Mudd, Puff Daddy, R kelly, Ray-J, Relient K, Reset, Rhianna, Rob Thomas, Rockell, Rufio, Ryan Cabrera, S Club 7, Saving Jane, Seether, Simon and Milo, Simple Plan, SkidRow, Skye Sweetnam, Staind, Steve Wonder, Story Of The Year, Styx, Sum 41, Switchfoot, T.I, Three Days Grace, Three Six Mafia, Timbaland, T-Pain, Usher, Vitamin C, Weird Al Yankovic, Westlife, Young Jeezy, ZoeGirl, Backstreet boys, 50 Cent, Fuel, Goodnight City, The Summer Obsession, Taking Back Sunday, The Warren Brothers, and that is like basically all of the people on my media player lol but there are more but i just cant think of em lol.
Favorite Food:   I love food ahh i just love it but i dont really know what my fave food is lol how stupid is that?? lol
Looking for:   Someone to talk to
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 About Me

Ok Im 14, i'm in Highschool hahaha lol its cool im a lil freshman lol , haha, lol im funny as you can probably tell haha lol, i have an uber awsome personality hehe, im smart, pretty, and i love to rock lol. i have brown hair, brown eyes, short basically the same ole same ole lol but most of all im a cool chic hahaha!! I like hanging out with friends and family. I like chatting on the puter and on the phone. I like to draw and in my spare time if im not doing anything ill either read or watch tv!! Wanna know anything else just ask!


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Member Since:   August 22, 2006 4:15 PM
Profile Hits:   179
Last Login:   Over a year ago


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