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Name:   Daycha Pena
Age:   26
Birthday:   June 2
Sex:   Female
Homepage:   http://www.myspace.com/darklildolly
High School:   King High School
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Hobbies:   Hanging out with friends, talking on the phone, drawing, writing, reading, internet
Favorite Movies:   My fav. movies are The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Crow, Edward Sicissor Hands, Harry Potter, Little Princess, The Breakfast Club, Pirates of The Carribien, The Fast & The Furious, XxX (Triple X), Interview with a Vampire, Queen Of the Damned, Underworld, The Secret Garden, Constantine and alot more. I also Love horror movies but they have to be really scary.
Top Movie Genres:   Action, Adventure, Animation, Anime, Children's, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Music, Romance, Sci-Fi, Suspense, Thriller
Favorite Music:   I like to listen to rock and some hip hop & r&b. If you dont like that then 2 bad. My favorite artist are The Used, The Killers, Evanescence, Story Of The Year, N.E.R.D., Pharrell Williams, System of a down, Simple Plan, Three Days Grace, Yellow Card, Guns & Roses, Basement Jaxx, 3 doors down, Maroon 5, Black Eyed Peas, Linkin Park, No Doubt, Gwen Stefani, Coldplay, His Infernal Majesty (HIM), Blink 182, Kittie, Poison The Well, Pink Floyd, Korn, Cake, Jadakiss, Christina Milian, Jimmy Eat World, Atreyu, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eamon(Fuck It [I Don't Want You Back]), Green Day, Trapt, ICP, The Exies, Souljahz, Grits, Creed, Madonna, DMX, Crossfade, Chevelle, Future Leaders Of The World, Good Charlotte, Coheed & Cambria, New Edition, JS, Slipknot, Garbage, Hoobastank, Limp Bizkit, Baby Bash, Vanessa Carlton, Finch, Papa Roach, Disturbed, Staind, Selena, Nickelback, Puddle Of Mudd, My Chemical Romance, Sugarcult, Eve, TLC, Nine Inch Nails, Straylight Run, Franz Ferdinand, Farse(Hopskotch), Modest Mouse, Ludacris, Eminem, D12, Taking back sunday, a perfect circle, lost prophets, enacra kills, dj sammy, deejay alice. And alot more I just cant think of at the time.
Top Music Genres:   Alternative Rock, Big Band, Dance, Electronica, Latin, Metal, Pop/Rock, R&B, Rap/Hip-Hop, Soundtrack
Favorite Celebrities:   Aaliyah, Lisa Lopez (Left eye) R.I.P.
Favorite Food:   Chicken complete, Cheesecake, Apple pie, bathaleos (spck)
Hook Line:   I am everyone's favorite lil dolly!
Looking for:   Someone to talk to
Friendship with a guy
Friendship with a girl
Turn-ons:   Dakota!!!! enough said
Turn-offs:   Animal crualty! Rapist!I hate when people think they know you or when they swear they know what there talking about when there total wrong. I also hate when people try to tell me what to do or what I can't. Also I dont like pink its ok but for the most part I hate it. Ppl that put others down.I absolutly HATE Bush. Racisam. Girls I dont dislike them I just dont get along with them the only ones I can stand are cousin and about only 3 other ppl that are my best friends. Girls are just bitches most of the time. Ppl against gays lesbians n bi's. Let ppl be who they want to be its not there fault if they fall in love or care for some1 of the same gender let them be who they are. And other stuff I cant list it all because it will just go on and on.
Buddies:  No buddylist present

 About Me

Hey I'm Daycha, I'm 17 and natruly have dark brown hair (it looks black 2 some ppl) now I have red with black dullight (highlights w/e).It looks sooo awsome. I can't wait only 1 more years and I absolutly free of my parents. :) I'm not that outgoing and am kind of shy when I first meet people. I live in Tampa Florida and was born in New York. I moved to Florida 3 years ago. I'm Puerto Rican and Dominican. I'm in high school and have my driverís license unfortunately I don't have a car though. My parents have split up but I really could careless about that.It's a long story as to why. I have both my ear lobs pierced once.And finally got my tongue pierced now. :) I got it done on Jan 21,05 it didnt hurt I was so suprised cuz I was expecting it to hurt. I want to get a tatoo on my lower back, upper arm dont know which side maybe both, that spot that thats the lower part of your stomach I 4get wut its called. I also want 2 get my upper ear on both sides n another ear lob on both sides. Oh yeah and im undecided about getting a lip piercing.My ma is a real bitch with me. Shes always bossing me around n trying 2 run my life. I kno lots of yous wouldnt listen 2 ur ma if she was like mine but I got no choice n I aint about 2 live wit that asshole called my father.But my ma she can keep dreaming if she thinks I'm going to continue to listen to her and wait for her 2 allow me 2 do things 4 much longer.But dont think I dont respect her or care 4 her cuz I do. I act real hard but I truly am really soft. I act this way probly cuz I have a hard time letting ppl in cuz Ive been hurt so many times... Yet at the same time ppl always think in skool n shit that im a little angel n that id never curse n stuff then at home n even smotimes at skool basiclly anywhere im nothing like that its like im a angel in the day n a devil in the dark cuz at night I will do some crazy stuff so it really wierd cuz well im wierd Anyway I love to make some new friends.I love to drink alcohol but I dont drink much cause I'm under age and my ma can't know. Plus I'm not a alcoholic. I have never smoked or done drugs. I think cigarettes are digusting. Take a chance to get to know the real me and maybe you will like it. I am learning how to play guitar from my friends. Neal & my cousin Nessa are my best friends they are a big part of my life they are the best n only deserves the best! As well as my Sweet Prince Dakota. He is my awsome lovly sweet ass boyfriend and I love him so much.


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Member Since:   November 26, 2005 10:42 AM
Profile Hits:   320
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