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Name:   mandy golec
Age:   24
Birthday:   May 18
Sex:   Female
Homepage:   http://www.myspace.com/the_one_named_freak
High School:   St Gregory High School
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Hobbies:   reading, chatting, listening to music, hangin out with friends, groping on all my friends
Favorite Movies:   ever after and who framed roger rabbit and rent
Top Movie Genres:   Comedy, Horror, Romance, Romantic Comedy
Favorite Music:   alternative, rock, classic rock, country, metal
Top Music Genres:   Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Country
Favorite Celebrities:   kira knightley and partick dempsy and johnny depp
Favorite Food:   pizza, coke, chocolate (duh lol) especially dark chocolate, and i hate white chocolate
Hook Line:   im not a day over fast cars and freedom; have you been gargaling with bong water?
Looking for:   Someone to talk to
Friendship with a guy
Friendship with a girl
Turn-ons:   i like people with a nice sense of humor and can make me smile. people with a nice personality and knows how to enjoy life. i like a guy with nice arms and pretty eyes. if you can make me laugh then youre alright. you have to have a nice self esteem, without that, then you cant learn to enjoy being a good friend (vice versa). and i love it when people come up behind me and kiss my neck while holding me, that is sooooooooooo a turn-on
Turn-offs:   man boobs!!! (jk) people with low self esteem and people who have closed minds (closed minds should come with closed mouths) i hate people who are intollerant of other people for things they cant change ex: race, color, sexual orientation. and i absolutely hate it when people call me cute! erggg

 About Me

i am a really crazy person. im the first in line to do anything stupid, like lets say, being pushed down the stairs in a trunk. my nickname happens to be retardo, and im really tight with my family and the few friends that i let into my personal life. i go to a coed skool full of weirdos, and i love nerds. it doesnt matter what kind of person you are (unless your like a woman beater or animal abuser or something like that). i give everyone an equal chance and love just talking to people. and lastly, my personal mission in life is to teach my friend Dianna to ride a bike.

worst music ever!!!!
the top ten worst songs ever!!! 10. laughy taffy 9. photograph 8. rabbits for roadkill 7. butterfly-DDR 6. barbie girl 5. holdin' magroin 4. any song by hillary duff 3. youre beautiful 2. in the jungle 1. my humps

jacking off list (on the request of the brother of kat
1. petting the snake 2. playing with one eyed willy 3. bashing the bishop 4. playing tug of war with the cyclops 5. pitching the tent 6. tugging the lizard 7. beating the old bun 8. spanking the monkey 9. whacking off 10. beating your meat 11. choking the chicken

Quote of the Month
he was edmund dontez, he was my father and my mother, my brother, he was you, he was me, he was all of us.

DoNt ReAd ThIs!!!!!!!!!!!!
why are you reading this. i told you not to dammit, dont people follow directions anymore?? jesu cristo stop reading this, if you are still reading this thing you are an idiot....stop reading dammit! hahahahahaha

how the hell do i change my font color????
if you know how to change your font color when typing please leave my a guest book message and tell me how. it will be much appreciated, many thanks!

boob list
this is a list of different names for boobs, if i dont have one you'd like to add, tell me so in my guestbook and ill add it on your behalf. 1. boobs 2. tits 3. golden orbs 4. boobies 5. baby feeders 6. jugs 7. knockers 8. headlights 9. ice cream sundaes with cherries on top

penis list
this is a list of the different names for penises, if i dont have one you know, tell me so on my guestbook and ill add it on your behalf. 1. pecker 2. woody 3. stiffy 4. dick 5. **** 6. twig and giggle berries 7. meat and 2 veg 8. tallywacker 9. tadger 10. wedding tackle 11. one eyed trouser snake


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coolguyz13 says:
Mandy is just a wonderful person to talk too. She is really hott ^_^ and she is really nice. So step up to the plate and hit up this girl. lol I hope we can be friends for long life time. Love ya Andrew xoxoxoxoox

the_devils_little_sister says:
Mandy!!!!!! Like, oh...my.... gawd... YOU ROCK!!!!! She needs serious help like me but newayz. Mandy we need more weird people in the world never change because your one of the best weirdos!!! Like me.. eh... no not really.. Haha. Keep on rocking forever!!!This chicka is like WOAH! So kool. Do not mess with teh Mandy!!! Or I will come after you. =) Yeah and you don't want that. Lol. Okay, well this is from the Evil Child. Hvae fun. ~Peace~ >Kat<

Thamrys_Phoenix says:
only one of the coolest girls ever. .... . . . ... . HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH but seriously...... this girls is just like SH-BAM...... AND KAPOW..... LIKE A BITCH SLAP TO THE FACE she is that suprising.... and she only lives in one of the coolest towns ...... not ever but one of the coolest towns.....REPRESENT WOOT CHICAGO!! anyway i am going to shutup bc i think i have realized how much bad ive brought to this person profile.... but shes cool....trust me.

 My Top 5

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My Top 5 movies
1. Ever After
2. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
3. Waiting
4. Dead Alive
5. Superstar

My Top 5 songs
1. Tourniquet by Evanescence
3. Teardrops on My Guitar by Taylor Swift
4. cheating by jettingham
5. Meet Virginia by Train

My Top 5 music artists/bands
1. Queen
2. bounding main
3. AC/DC
4. Taylor Swift
5. Tenacious D


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Member Since:   December 19, 2005 5:13 PM
Profile Hits:   5,805
Last Login:   Over a year ago


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