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Name:   Chris Shelton
Location:   England, United Kingdom
Age:   27
Birthday:   January 13
Sex:   Male
E-mail:   Chris.g.shelton@ntlworld.com
Major:   Music
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Hobbies:   Music, Composing, Performing!
Favorite Movies:   Avatar, Shawshank etc etc
Top Movie Genres:   Action, Adventure, Documentary, Fantasy, Horror, Music, Romantic Comedy, Sci-Fi, Suspense, Thriller, War
Favorite Music:   The Fellowship of Funk,
Top Music Genres:   Alternative Rock, Big Band, Classic Rock, Classical, Dance, Hard Rock, House, Indie Rock, International, Latin, Metal, New Age, Pop/Rock, R&B, Rap/Hip-Hop, Ska, Soundtrack
Favorite Celebrities:   None really....
Favorite Food:   Chips with curry sauce and onion vinegar!
Hook Line:   Sleep when you're dead
Looking for:   Someone to talk to
Friendship with a guy
Friendship with a girl
Turn-ons:   Now that would be telling! ;-p
Turn-offs:   Arrogance, Conceitedness and Self Absorbed girls

 About Me

Currently a professional musician. French Horn / Piano Employed by the british army to march up and down and make a godawful noise!


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nikki_bikki says:
Chris is my e-fiance! We're going to make e-babies all over scn and dump them on other users to look after, while we head off to get high, drunk and get a mean feed! Mauhahahahaa

alley_catt says:
Chris has looks, he plays an instrument and he has an amazingly awesome voice. He better stay far away from me because I would jump his cute English bones in a moment. He has totally webcammed me in the middle of the night more than once...that's right girls be jealous. That aside he is great. He has a weird sense of humour that keeps me in stitches and is such a sweety at the same time. I look forward to getting to know him more.

tOUCHthesun says:
I like Chrissy. He's a bit weird though. Nikki says that I have to write that he smells, and if I am truthful, I also think that he stinks. But in a good way, of course. He's this posh stinker who makes me laugh and stops me from getting bored in the middle of the night (except at 20 to 12, because like I said, he's a bit weird).

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Member Since:   June 30, 2004 6:56 PM
Profile Hits:   2,363
Last Login:   175 days ago


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