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Name:   Robin Kovács
Location:   Malmo, Sweden
Age:   26
Birthday:   August 14
Sex:   Male
E-mail:   capoeirakille88@hotmail.com
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Hobbies:   Hanging with friends, going to the movies, capoeira, partying and TV
Favorite Movies:   Scarface, The Gofather 1&2, The lord of the rings movies, Gladiator, Rush hour 1&2, All the star wars movies( especially episod 1+ that i met the guy who played Darth Maul), Sarface, Donie Brasco, Shanghai noon, Bedazzled, and many more.
Favorite Music:   i like everthing accept opera, polka and stuff like that. but i love hungarian gypsy music, rap, rock, pop, techno, salsa you name it.
Favorite Celebrities:   Mel Gibson, Al Pachino, Robert De Niro, Michel Jackson, J.Lo(hot), Jhonny Depp and Moses( from the Bible)
Favorite Food:   Spicy food, thai food, hungarian food, fast food and grilled food
Hook Line:   "I always tell the truth, even when I lie (Al Pachino/ Scarface)"
Turn-ons:   Girls, smart sexy girls and cars. Ferraris is the most beautiful car in the f**ing world. A good soccer game.
Turn-offs:   Stupid chicks, zits (well i hate having them) bitches, friends who lie

 About Me

Well hello folks, my name is Robin i am a hungarian guy who's born in sweden(gypsy to :P) WEll what do i like to do i hang out with my friends,practice capoeira( it's a brazilian martial art) and i love soccer. soccer is like the biggest game in Europe. My favourite team is Real Madrid( spanish team ) and my favourite international team is the world champions BRAZIL!!!!!!!!. they rock big time. But i also love girls! <BR><BR><BR>so girls please leave you msn to me so i can reach you guys. <BR><BR><BR>What can i more say, yeah i'm also catholic and i go to church, if you have a problem with that, sorry for you. well that's all i had to "say" and if you want to know something write in my guestbook( or what it is). And as way say it in wedeish "puss hej"


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Member Since:   April 5, 2004 5:34 PM
Profile Hits:   967
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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