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Location:   Amsterdam, Ohio, United States
Age:   25
Birthday:   June 29
Sex:   Male
E-mail:   theonlylok1@hotmail.com
High School:   Edison High School
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Hobbies:   playing video games, reading, sword collecting, listening to music, hating school with a passion..., getting good grade without studying, and being a shrink part time to family members and on here
Favorite Music:   ask

 About Me

ok then lets see... i Was a warcraft the frozen throne chief.. of LGoW.. legendary gods of warcraft.. ran out of times to do anything anymore so i hadto transfer ownership.. sad i have alot of games... beat nearly all of them.. hjave most systems... and my hobbies usuallly include being on here, warcraft or reading listening to music and some other things. quick word of warning tho: i have a small tolerance for something things and a very long list of pet peeves (if u wish to no some ask) one of my main ones is backstabbing... had a bunch do that on warcraft... and they found out the hard way not to... but anyways what else... im 17 im from ohio (close to pennsylvania and west virginia) and im a guy. another word of warning: DONT ASK TO CYBER..... ya do and it would get very bad response back.. usually i leave before i start typing and (most likely) make u cry or somehting... cyber is the gayest thing ever.. if u get off to that then theres something wrong..also my hands are tied about certain things so dont ask me to be ur bf at any point in time cause ill say no and basically what im saying now... hate hands being tied but what can ya do? o well itll get better as time goes on...i have brown hair... brown eyes.. and im 6 foot tall. (if u want to no anything ask)well i think thats about it besides the fact when im on chat i get pmed like crazy... bout it.. need anything ask like advice or w/e cause im also a unoffical shrink...sorta... but i usually gives good advice. And finally the last bit of info to get this under control so i dont keep getting asked again and again (usually by the same people) that i DO NOT do the online dating thing anymore. my hands are tied so dont ask. plz dont. thx c ya P.S. ok i noticed a bunch if people on here doesnt know their abbrviations so if i say soemthing u dont understand ask me plz P.S.S. me and my girlfriend broke up so im single again

Why I Choose My User Name....
i got my account name from warcraft the frozen throne Blackrock is a clan of green skinned orcs and the Warlock part is a unit type from warcraft and u can probly guess what else


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wildthing_1289 says:
I love him. I could hug him. He's funny and probably one of the most awesome people you would ever meet. Ben's cool. *Hugs him* side

xMyCatx says:
Aww, benny boy.. I love this kid! he's uber great and has a heart of gold..might admit thats a bit heavy though...lol. He bears a great burden when he gives advice or helps anyone so I feel thankful to have a friend like him around to give me GOOD advice, whenever I might find I need it. Be good to him and he'll be good to you... ^_^ Ben, you're the best! <3ness!

xX3_luvr_xX3 says:
wat to say this guy ben he is so sweet you will prolly never find a guy who can help you thro the bad points in your life like him he helped me a few times i mean there are no real words to describe him ~emily~

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Member Since:   November 18, 2005 10:00 PM
Profile Hits:   20,203
Last Login:   Over a year ago


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