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Name:   Adam Davey
Location:   Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
Age:   28
Sex:   Male
E-mail:   Adamnd@hotmail.com
High School:   Newmarket High School
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Hobbies:   running, biking, acting, weight training, chatting, friends, singing, songwriting, hangin out.
Favorite Music:   pretty much anything, as long as its good.
Hook Line:   "I can recall when I first noticed how a woman's underclothes barely touchs her skin, how it floats on a cushion of air as she moves. how it floats on her body, brushing it like angels wings. it was then that I understood how a woman must be touched." "If history is to change, let it change. If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh." "Justice isnt the only right in the world... one day you will see that" "what he wants is not what he desires"
Turn-ons:   FEMALE, stable, attractive, interesting, athletic, intelligent and a great sense of humour.
Turn-offs:   chronically sad people. people without pics. girls who have issues with guys :P. whiners.

 About Me

Update: I WILL ONLY TALK TO U IF U HAVE A PIC ~ P.S. no mood swings. if u go from happy to psychotic for no reason at all, go tag the nut house, not my book. thank you ~ if you want to chat, you have to actually talk. if u have to go away for a second, type "brb". if you have to leave, say "goodbye" otherwise, you're just being rude. ~ I recently updated my profile. so check it out if you're interesting and have a pic, tag/IM me if ur interested. if you dont have a pic... get one :) oh, and if u cant understand jokes and my playful attitude, do us both a favour and block me before u even tag me. I dont deal with people like that. NON-CONFORMITY IS THE NEW CONFORMITY


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EMMERZ says:
yea yer so cool yep yep!

So_Cal_Baby_ says:
hmmmm what is there to say about this guy. i totally love adam he is the best guy to talk to around. ive known him for a while now. kinda suprising. lol i can honestly say that he is a really grat friend of mine. he is nice sweeet charming and an all around great guy. lol he is funny and he is down to earth. lol he always loves to crak a joke at the most random parts of my life. lol. he is straight up and isnt afriad to speak his mind! lol. im writing this about adam cause he is cool and a great guy. and he better do this on my profile cause he loves me. hahahaha lol ILY adam!!!!

Sweet_Cowgirl1987 says:
adam adam adam, what to say about this guy? I LOVE HIM! lol hes been my friend for a while now and he makes everyday better when i get to talk to him. my life has been going to shit recently so when i get to talk to this guy he makes it all better with his jokes and his awesome pervertedness! lol. adam you are so awesome and not to mention your fucking adorible! i love you hunnie bunches and when i get the money im gonna come up there and we are going to party like 2 buddies should! your always going to be one of my fave friends ever hun. <3

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Member Since:   September 14, 2001 10:28 PM
Profile Hits:   55,196
Last Login:   336 days ago


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