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Name:   Scarlett West
Location:   Pennsylvania, United States
Age:   31
Birthday:   May 14
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   deathdealer@aim.com
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Hobbies:   Working Out, Yoga, Cliff Jumping, Rock Climbing, Listening to Music, Partying, Dancing, Cooking, I love to paint and read, Going to shooting ranges, Walking, Going out to dinner, Snowboarding, Surfing, Watching Sunsets, Swimming, Jogging, My Fiancee' has me hooked on playing The Sims for PC, Watching Saturday Cartoons in my underwear with my fiancee', Going to Parks and Fairs, I actually like shopping now that I'm with a guy who knows about fashion. Before I dressed like a complete boy. I'm talking all black all the time with combat boots and ratty black hair and thick black eye liner.
Favorite Movies:   Queen of The Damned, Underworld, Underworld Evolution, Van Helsing, Vampires, Trapped, House of Wax, Cursed, Dark Water, Darkness, The Ring, The Ring Two, Poison Ivy, Deep Blue Sea, The Haunting, House on Haunted Hill, Murder By Numbers, The Omen
Favorite Music:   Bullet For My Valentine, Static-X, Three Days Grace, Crossfade, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Coheed and Cambria, POD, System of A Down, AFI, Diary of Dreams, Korn, The Angle, Marilyn Manson, Orgy, Trapt, Kittie, As I Lay Dying, 30 Seconds To Mars, Fuel, Motorhead, Hurt, Stabbing Westward, Lacuna Coil, Prodigy
Favorite Food:   Chicken, White Tea, Spicey Foods, Cheese Fries, Milkshakes, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Red Wine, Caramel Eggs, Cherry and Chocolate Muffins, Garlic Bread, Garlic Shrimp, Crab
Looking for:   Someone to talk to
Turn-ons:   Good Guys. The ones with the good sense of style and the little preppy sweaters. Tattoos with a meaning. Which means he got it because it means something he just didn't get it because it's his name or it looked cool. I think knowing a little about why you picked your tattoo is a way of getting to know each other. I love going out to dinner. I don't mind paying sometimes, but I just like going out to dinner. It's away of showing your love for each other in public. The laughing and holding hands. I love tall guys. If he's not at least 6'4 he's too short for me. Dark hair and bright eyes. Someone that mysterious and hard to figure out. I love a challenge. He has to be fit. I'm constantly running, working out, swimming...doing some kind of sport. My fiancee' is Italian so he has this sexy tan colored skin. It's like a sexy glow all year round. My guy has to know how to cook. Landon is an amazing cook.
Turn-offs:   Bad Guys, leather pants, too many tattoos and piercings, short, long hair, show-offs, perverted guys that have playboy in their bathroom, music taste doesn't match mine. There's no way I could be in a car with a guy and hear Rap music. I would go crazy and end the date right there. I'm not saying that all Rap is bad, it's just when I don't know the song and he's talking about killing someone or fucking some girl's ass....no thanks. I'd rather walk. Too kinky of a sex life. No way will I watch you jack off or let you drip wax on my body. Haha, where's my car keys I'm leaving. Out of shape, smokes (smoking kills don't you know). A dirty house. No way could I come over to a guy's house and stay the night there if it smells like dirty socks and old pizza. Guys looking to hook up at clubs. I love going to clubs so it pisses me off when I'm dancing and having a good time and some lame ass college boy asks if he can buy me a drink. Guys who take roleplaying too far. No I will not dress up as a Nurse or a French Maid. That's not my style. Yes I'm picky, but I'm taken. Luckly for him. He's none of this things.

 About Me

My Looks and Personality
I won't be putting up in pictures of me. At least I don't think I will. I'll be sending one to people I actually care about. Which are Landon's family and friends. So the best that I can describe myself is I have really pale skin. I'm not talking white as paper pale, but I'm pale...I don't get out much. I have bright blue eyes that change with the lighting. Sometimes they're an erie pale blue, sometimes they're a dark ocean blue. I have black hair that changes with each morning. Sometimes it's curly, somtimes it's straight. As for my height I'm about 5'6-5'7 and I weight 115 LBS. I'm a work out freak. I work out at least three hours everyday. I don't really watch what I eat, I'm not on a diet or anything I just love the rush of running of lifting heavy things by myself. I'm a very serious person. So before you think of making jokes about something READ THIS. I don't laugh a lot. I've grown up so fast I didn't really get the chance to watch cartoons or ride my bike or play with barbies. I was forced to be 30 at the age of 13. Something I will never do to my children. I guess that's why Landon's so important to me. He makes me smile. I couldn't remember the last time I laughed until I met him. He's a 10 year-old stuck in a 28 year-old's body. I'm a romantic though. I love rose pedals on the bed and long walks and candle lit dinners. Holding hands and The PDA. I guess that's all really. I doubt you have any questions or care about any of this. But I'm sure if you do, you'll tag my guestbook and ask.

My F'ed Up Life
As you saw from my profile my name is Scarlett West. I was born May 14 in Island of Skye, Scotland. My father passed away before I was born and my mother died when I was 13 leaving me to live with my step-father Nile Benjamin. Ever since I was 15 I've been engaged to a guy named Wes Everglott. An arranged marriage Nile made for me. Nile passed away this past March. Also in March I finally got the courage to leave Wes, even though I still get death threats and he still follows me, and I'm now engaged to a guy named Landon. My first love. Things moved quickly between Landon and I, but he's the one that kept me sane while I was stuck with Wes.

A Song To My Soldier
Two days past eighteen He was waitin' for the bus in his army greens Sat down in a booth at a cafe there Gave his order to the girl with a bow in her hair He's a little shy so she gave him a smile So he said would you mind sittin' down for a while And talkin' to me I'm feelin' a little low She said I'm off in an hour and I know where we can go So they went down and they sat on the pier He said I bet you got a boyfriend but I don't care I've got no one to send a letter to Would you mind if I sent one back here to you? CHORUS: I cried Never gonna hold the hand of another guy Too young for him they told her Waitin' for the love of the travelin' soldier Our love will never end Waitin' for the soldier to come back again Never more to be alone When the letter says a soldier's coming home So the letters came From an army camp In California then Vietnam And he told his heart It might be love And all of the things he was so scared of Said when it's gettin kinda tough over here I think about that day sittin' down at the pier And close my eyes and see your pretty smile Now don't worry but I won't be able to write for a while CHORUS (Martie's fiddle break - Emily's dobro break) One Friday night at a football game The Lord's Prayer said and the anthem sang A man said folks would you bow your heads For the list of local Vietnam dead Cryin' all alone under the stands Was the piccolo player in the marching band And one name read and no one really cared But a pretty little girl with a bow in her hair

Another Song To Landon
This one is by Cold I'll make a soldiers decision to fly away Load my gun, paint my face, call me misery I can see the sky light up and the ground explode Got my sights locked in i can see you breathe Then i watched you fall and somebody scream Its the saddest thing when angels fly away I cant be home tonight, i'll make it back its allright No one could ever love me half as good as you Gotta badge for my scars just the other day Wore it proud for the sake of my sanity I could see the flames burn bright from the windin road Like a haunting page from our history Watched a young girl cry and her mother scream Its the saddest thing when angels fly away I cant be home tonight, i'll make it back its allright No one could ever love me half as good as you If you cant be strong tonight, love makes you sad its allright Noone could ever worry half as good as you


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Member Since:   February 28, 2006 1:29 PM
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It's Ancient Love But It Isn't Real

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