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Location:   Texas, United States
Age:   29
Birthday:   April 16
Sex:   Male
Homepage:   http://www.myspace.com/gtizzle
High School:   Alvin High School
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Hobbies:   Graphic Design/Racing/raving/ hitting up the clubs/pool halls
Favorite Movies:   SCAR FACE, The Godfather, Schindlers List, Brother where art thou, matrix trilogy, BB II, Hero, Meet the Fockers, Are We There Yet,
Favorite Music:   rap, R&B, techno, electronica... if I can chill to it, sing to it, or make mad monkey luv to it.. I'll listen... haha
Favorite Celebrities:   Jet Li,Jackie Chan, jonny depp, jack nickleson, Rosalyn Sanchez,
Favorite Food:   mexican (of course), Chinese (a must), and any type of pasta
Hook Line:   "man who stand on toilet, high on pot"..."He Who laughs last, thinks slowest"-- both from Confusious... & my favorite "The early bird gets the worm, BUT the SECOND mouse gets the cheese"-- Hooters lil wipe clothes
Turn-ons:   PRETTY EYES, great humor, a nice body is also nice, just be able to carry a conversation & don't worry so much about being sum one your not... (Asians=bonus sexy points)
Turn-offs:   stuck up, arrogant,low self esteem... ppl who don't even take time to READ this damn shyt.... "wow, u have a hot body, ASL?"... WTF?!?! ignorance, I swear

 About Me

I'm NOT here to hook up w/ ANYONE... I'm here to kill time & possibly meet ppl around my area... I'm located in the SE Houston area, so peeps in my town hit me up!!... I'm a graphic designer & I work w/ a quite a few models, so of course looks alone won't grab my attention.. u also have to have a kick ass personality :P


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Member Since:   August 27, 2003 11:03 AM
Profile Hits:   2,857
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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