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Name:   Missy ...
Location:   Maryland, United States
Age:   25
Birthday:   May 5
Sex:   Female
E-mail:   xomissyox@hotmail.com
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Hobbies:   listening to music, writing songs, writing/reading poetry, singing, racing, Horseback, Boarding, playing guitar- fender acoustic, peavey electric, goin 2 see a concert..um just staying locked in my room for hours on end rearranging it or something..i have no life....
Favorite Movies:   Donnie Darko..freddy got fingered...Moulin Rouge...Pearl Harbor...Chicago...i don't watch much tv...
Favorite Music:   ok i'm big on emo, punk rawk, rawk....bands...lets see long list ahead of us..wakefield, dashboard confessional, thursday, finch, taking back sunday, red hot chili peppers, vertical horizon, acdc, yellow card, john mayer, 311, all american rejects, simple plan, the goo goo dolls, blink 182, the white stripes, disturbed, smile empty soul, sugarcult, system of a down, midtown, hoobastank, three days grace, audioslave, creed, the starting line, further seems forever, something corporate, story of the year, the used, jet, saves the day, greenday...theres more but i doubt you read this many as it is.
Favorite Celebrities:   Sebastian Lefebvre of simple plan...Nate from finch...Tom from blink (LIP RING!!!).....uh tony from mest... kelly osbourne....rachel leigh cook...Ewan McGregor...
Favorite Food:   who needs food...if i had to pick....uh...well fruit loops are my comfort food...childish yes, but a few of those get me hyper which makes me happy.....or a chocolate chip cookie dough slim fast bar...
Turn-ons:   ok well i'm bi, or les and straight curious, lol eli....ok so with ANYONE I DATE BASED ON PERSONALITY....lol but it's always fun to look at people to so going on looks...lets see with guys i LOVE black hair, blue eyes and a lip ring...but they gotta have soft shaggy hair around their ears..for chicks i'm not too picky lol....i like the 'punk' look, gawd i hate stereotypes, but it's true...i like chicks with the awesome hair..lol like the one girl, the 1st chick i ever fell for, had purple hair...it was so hott...lol but i'll take anything as long as i love the persons personality.
Turn-offs:   most people i know in real life..jerks..guys who have no respect for women...women who have no self respect...women who let men walk all over them..gawd i turn myself off...
Buddies:  No buddylist present

 About Me

i'm not sure what else you'd want to know about me...lets talk about my dreams, that will never come true...i don't talk about this to many people and now i'm putting it all over the internet...lol....ok well i WILL go to New York University to major in psychology...that will happen, i don't think anyone can stand in my way there, all i gotta do is maintain grades and get accepted....well when i go to NYC, i have so many things planned out...at NYU i'm joining the drama department...i know people who live up that way so they'll be comin to visit...lol my 'dorm buddies'...then the next bit is my dream, yet it won't happen but hey, i'll still try, and what are you gonna do about it...i'm going to audition for broadway....it's been my dream since i was little...i'm also going to try and get a record deal....singing and acting is my life....i think my acting is better than my singing but everyone says my singing rawks...but broadway, i get my singing and acting....the 1st broadway i've seen was chicago...i loved it...i saw it at the ambassador theater in new york...lol it's corny i know, but when i went in there i knew i wanted to make it there one day....to make my dreams wander even more, the one employee smiled at me and said he knew talent when he saw it and i should come back someday....now obviously he was either serious, or he was hitting on me, you pick which one it was, i'd like to think it was serious...lol....well...now i've poured my only dream out on the internet....maybe one day i'll be able to put in this profile that i'm attending NYU and working on recording my 1st cd....hey i can dream...now shout outs....HI ALL! lol nah here we go Eli-ok lets see, you know pretty much every detail of my life..lol you're my soulmate babes, but gawd you just have to be gay, huh :P lol i'm straight curious!!!! love you sooo much! Jon- lol well if it weren't for you depression wouldn't have a great mod, and i wouldn't know how to have made these names bold lol...i'm always here for you. Steph- you're one of the best friends i have...you're beautiful, don't ever forget it, i'll be sure that you gain some self confidence lol...i'm ALWAYS here for you, never hesitate to ask for help. chris- lol baby you are my poptart...now you just gotta get a lip ring and we're set :) hehe i love you with or without a lip ring and i'm only not-innocent with you! haha Julius-lol lets see....i need to find that shovel, shoe, brick, trout, and any other useful inatimate objects. thanks for takin 3 seconds to resize my picture..lol Renee- hun, you have said so many kind things to me, i'm so greatful to have you as a friend...if you ever need advice you know i will be here without question... and hey to anyone i missed...too many of you to name! sorry!


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Member Since:   January 16, 2004 3:32 PM
Profile Hits:   78
Last Login:   Over a year ago

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